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by:Two Eight     2019-08-02
feel the state store accurately locate the type of store, vigorously attack 3C consumer electronics, and seek face behind the home appliance chain-Elevator is an initial attempt to expand the autonomy of sales and production, supply and integration. boutique shops in Shenzhen hunting Plaza 2009.Tiger followed by its after of the first, two boutique also in Shenzhen Nanshan District horse soda holiday Square quickly appearance.Relative positioning is relatively high in two states-The difference between terminal stores and traditional stores is clear: the concept of product layout and brand weakening is displayed according to product category and performance;The proportion of 3C consumer electronic products has increased significantly, and electronic products such as mobile phones and digital cameras have come out of the cabinet, \ "binding \" and opened-Free experience for consumers. In fact, as early as 2007, the international home appliance chain giant Best Buy brought the pattern of experience into the Chinese restaurant, but due to the cautious pace of expansion closer to consumer demand, new ideas could not grow rapidly.In Shenzhen, the home appliance chain Paradise appliance put this idea into practice earlier, and the Wanxiang City Paradise appliance museum is almost immediately followed by Best Buy.In the second half of 2009, its store was opened by a copy of Jing Huaqiang North-Experience the framework of the model. The formation of overseas legion in the Chinese market is much faster, Suning Appliance chainThe long-awaited transformation of business models is becoming more and more radical.Behind the baking experience of specialty stores and specialty stores, it is the attempt of home appliance chains to expand the autonomy of home appliance sales and improve profitability: Detailed market positioning, change self-Launch your own brand.Zhao Xueqin, chief retail industry analyst at CITIC Securities, believes that China's home appliance chain is still in a profitable stage from squeezing suppliers to optimizing the supply chain, and from the experience of foreign home appliance chains, home appliance chain develops to the upstream through independent brand, establishes the independent distribution system, reduces the production, the supply and the integration pattern, is the future development inevitable trend.In the past few years, upgrading to speed up the pace of transformation competition, relying on the "occupier class supplier" of fundsalgalmode (see the article of September 2005)\ "Gome Suning Financial survival \") the rapid expansion of enterprises represented by Suning and Gome electric appliance chains from network layout to sales volume.2002-In 2008, Suning's sales growth from the original 8.7 billion yuan to 102.34 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of more than 50%, Gome's sales from 10 rapid growth.9 billion yuan to 104.59 billion yuan, an annual compound increase of 46% (Figure 1 ).The 2004-2008, the net profit level of the two is from 1. 0.38 billion yuan.8 billion, increased to 21.7 billion yuan and 1.3 billion yuan (Figure 2 ).Mid-2009. Suning and China have entered nearly 200 cities in the United States and above, with about 847 stores and 1212 stores respectively (including non-Listed part), basically completed the network layout in the secondary city, began to seek the expansion of the third and fourth tier cities, and established the dominant position in the domestic home appliance chain store market.On the other hand, although the domestic household appliance chain market share ranked in the top three in 2008, it was only 29% flat with the 2001 levels of the United States, Japan and Germany, and the concentration in 2008 reached 46%, 45% and 34% respectively, this shows that Suning and Gome still have huge room for growth, but the negative effect of homogenization competition is becoming increasingly obvious.Both sales and profit levels, Suning and the United States have shown a slowdown in growth.At the same time, in 2009, the challenges from overseas home appliance chain giants are becoming increasingly clear.First, Best Buy's office entered China in 2003.Although 2006 acquired starstarstar75 % of its stake, it opened its first store in July 2007, 20 months after its "turtle speed" tour in the Chinese market, it was announced that there was a second store, but with the completion of the 2009-star acquisition of the remaining 25%, the expansion of the Chinese market has accelerated significantly.After 2009, 2010 stationed in Beijing plans to open 4-based on the current seven new stores in the country-5 stores.
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