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ashley’s “killer” recipe for organic beef barley soup made ... - add a label to a dish wix restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
ashley’s “killer” recipe for organic beef barley soup made ...  -  add a label to a dish wix restaurants
Although the health benefits of beef barley soup containing onions, carrots and celery are well known, the nutrients in these barley grains may be richer than those in barley grains, even more
Unless the beef barley soup is organic, it does not contain the same ingredients as those used by your grandmother, nor is it made with the same care and care for your health.
Even though we have all the honors in cooking and nutrition, every beef barley soup we have tried has made both of us sick.
It doesn't matter if we are at the truck stop or at the high end restaurant or at the deli.
Ingredients in commercial recipes, including genetically modified vegetables, factory-farmed meats and addictive synthetic chemicals, cause gout symptoms, digestive disorders, and/or swelling of the ankle within an hour.
Barley contains gluten, which makes it unsuitable for people with diarrhea and other digestive system diseases such as clone disease, IBD and irritable bowel syndrome.
So we put all barley foods, especially beef barley soup, in our list of "no" foods (as defined in our book "Mannie's diet and enzyme formula) because they made us sick.
After years of frustration, we decided to try the organic version at home.
After all, what have we lost?
Well, after a whole week of organic soup, neither of us got sick.
There is always evidence in the pudding.
Synthetic chemicals, genetically modified barley, high salt, who knows
Our discomfort and illness are caused by organic soup.
Our blog "why adding organic barley to your diet can lower your cholesterol, reduce blood sugar problems in people with diabetes, reduce heart disease, improve digestion, and overall health of all humans ", provided everything you want to know about barley but did not dare to ask.
Barley has no cholesterol and low fat.
Contains eight essential amino acids.
It also contains an antioxidant capacity that provides additional protection.
Barley is rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates and B vitamins.
Its beta-
More sugar than oats.
Pearl barley is one of the most common in American grocery stores. S.
Peeling or pearl barley can be found in other processed barley products such as flour, flakes similar to oatmeal, and grains.
Organic peeling barley can be purchased in a health food store or on the Internet.
Arrow Mills organic pearl barley can be used to make delicious beef and barley soup, which is served in whole food.
Before making this soup, we also keep beef juice while cooking other organic meats.
The dripping water in the pan is placed in the refrigerator every time for an hour in the Cup, removing grease by skimming grease from the top.
We then store the juice in the storage bag of the refrigerator for the soup.
This makes the soup very tasty.
Ashley's recipe for cooking barley beef soup in a can-
Organic low size containersodium or no-
A glass of organic beef sauce (Grease-
Extract), preferably left-1 medium-
1 8 oz organic white mushroom (or mix various organic types as needed) description: prepare the meat the night before.
Rinse the beef handle and stews to avoid the build-up of bacteria.
Place the meat evenly on the platter.
Lightly sprinkle white pepper on each side.
Sprinkle ginger powder on one side of the meat.
If you like your own fresh organic ginger, use one piece to one piece.
We prefer organic powder, which controls the taste better.
Place in a glass container and refrigerate the contents overnight.
Rinse the vegetables the next morning.
Put 2 cups of organic carrots into the food processor and fruit puree.
Put the chopped carrots in a separate small bowl.
In fact, put each ingredient into your own small bowl and do not mix until the recipe requirements.
Cut 3 celery stems and mud.
Cut 1 medium white onion and thick soup.
Cut the garlic cloves into small pieces.
Scrub 7 to 8 yellow Yukon potatoes, leave the skin on top, and poke small holes around each potato with a fork.
Put all the ingredients aside.
Cut the stewed beef into 3-inch chunks.
Do not cut the beef handle, the meat is still on it.
Heat the frying pan, add an ounce of organic butter, gently sprinkle it on the frying pan with garlic oil, and melt together.
Put the cut garlic in the pan.
The meat is light brown after mixing with garlic.
After the frying pan is hot, turn the temperature down to medium to avoid overcooking or burning meat.
Some people may prefer to add some organic soy sauce.
Cook for about 2 minutes each side.
Mix the onions, celery and carrots into a frying pan.
Toss the meat for 1 to 2 minutes.
Put the mixture in a slow cooker.
Add all the yellow potatoes in the Yukon. Add 1-
Low organic quart boxsodium or no-
Beef soup with sodium.
Open the slow cooker for an hour.
We recommend using the timer at different time settings, not the old timer.
An hour later, check the potatoes with a delicate fork.
The potatoes are ready when they soften.
After the potatoes are cooked, remove them from the solution and place them in a glass tray.
Put them aside and cool.
Reduce the heat in the slow cooker to "slow cooker" for 4 to 6 hours ".
Stir the broth occasionally.
If you can't go home and watch it, it's OK to put it on your own device, which is the beauty of slow cooking.
When checking the lid or using the lid, be sure to open the lid carefully to prevent steam from burning.
When the soup is cooked slowly, scrub and Cut the mushrooms.
White mushrooms are best cut into four long roads.
Heat the same unwashed frying pan with 1 ounce of organic butter and stir-fry white mushrooms for 2 to 3 minutes.
Sprinkle a pinch or two of salt and pepper on it.
It is optional to add a little soy sauce.
Cover the lid and put it aside.
After 5 hours of cooking, check the meat in the slow cooker.
When you can cross the meat with a fork, it is ready for the next step.
Remove the meat with a slotted spoon and put it on one side to cool.
Add 1 cup of organic pearl barley to the cooking broth.
Add the second one slowly-
A box of beef soup.
Mix beef jerky or organic food together
The beef sauce that has been cooked before is oily.
If you have more, add all of them.
Slow to high for an hour.
Use the timer and take it with you to any room in your home while the soup is cooked.
Make sure you hear the sound when the timer buzzer is off.
Don't believe the slow cooker.
Cut the beef into small pieces after cooling.
Be sure to add the bone marrow to the mixture. For first-
Time to cook, the bone marrow is the soft point in the middle of the bone, should be like a paste.
Beef concentrate in essence.
If needed, season the beef evenly with a small portion of the organic Brittany mineral salt and grind a small amount of organic pepper on the beef.
After 1 hour of cooking the barley, put the beef back in the mixture and stir.
Cook for another 30 minutes.
Turn off the cooker and leave the soup for another hour.
It is ready for service.
If you want it to be more spicy, or "bite" a bite, then add a little organic white pepper before you reach the flavor you want.
When serving, some like to add potatoes, some like to add mushrooms.
This also gives you an option to change your barley soup even when eating leftovers.
Sometimes we have a feeling of eating mushrooms, but sometimes we don't.
Garlic toast was also delicious.
Our garlic bread and cheese garlic bread recipes can be found in the organic recipes of our upcoming recipe Mannie & Ashley.
Barley soup can be used as a center or as a full meal in a large bowl.
Besides delicious food, it is full.
"We found that a large pot of beef and barley soup can be kept in your refrigerator for more than a week without deterioration.
Our guests are raving about it, as are your guests.
In contrast, Campbell's beef and barley soup contains about 20 ingredients, including beef, water, roasted barley, carrots, tomatoes, seasoned beef (with up to 10% of water, salt, sodium phosphate solution) tomato Sauce (water, tomato sauce), peas, celery.
According to the label, the soup contains less than 2% of beef, modified food starch, salt, yeast extract, caramel pigment, hydrolysis soy protein, hydrolysis yeast protein, beef fat, seasoning, hydrolysis of wheat gluten, glucose.
Less than 2% beef?
What is this about?
What do you call soup beef barley when it contains less than 2% beef?
Many ingredients such as soybeans and wheat products come from genetically modified plants.
Others such as tomato sauce, modified food starch, salt, yeast extract, caramel pigment, soybean protein hydrolysis, yeast protein hydrolysis, beef fat, condiment, gluten powder hydrolysis, glucose are containing hidden MSG ingredients.
When you add all the ingredients that hide MSG in Campbell's "clean label", there is no way to really know exactly how much MSG is.
For this purpose, 890 mg of salt per serving (2.
5 copies or 2,225 mg/Can listed on the label) does not seem realistic.
So who eats the small portion?
This is unrealistic.
For people with gluten intolerance, the addition of the hydrolysis wheat gluten (containing monosodium glutamate) can make this soup dangerous.
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