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are you making time for your partner? - - make your favorite restaurant dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2019-08-30
are you making time for your partner? -  -  make your favorite restaurant dishes at home
Do you focus on things or people that may take time to leave you and your partner?
If you value your relationship very much, you may need to make some changes.
Situation #1: work.
If you are a workaholic then this can affect your relationship.
Now I know you might be thinking . . . . . . "Well, I have bills to pay" or "items on my desk won't be done by myself" or even "I have to stay" occupied to keep myself from getting bored ". . . o. k. wait a second. Are you single. . .
Or are you in love?
If something really needs to be done, make sure one of the things is to make your partner happy.
You may need to pay your bills or do something-but you should focus on the arrangement (if you have to) and the quality time of your other half.
Plan a weekend getaway, go to your favorite restaurant, go to the movies together, and more.
Communicate with your partner about what he/she wants to do with you.
Situation 2: family/friends.
Whether it's friends, kids, cousins or siblings, we all love to be with them, we love to hang out or take the kids to as many fun places as possible, or just being able to relax with them.
Now, it's all good, but even if your partner is with you many times, they don't get the good times they deserve to be with you.
The best thing to do in this case is to be aware.
Do you seem to have overlooked your partner a bit?
Did you and he/she do too much in the family or group?
Sometimes you need to have thaton-
Spend time with your other half at a time to satisfy him/her as well.
Situation 3: hobbies.
Did you spend too much time alone doing what only you like to do?
Then you should consider whether you really want to fall in love.
Remember, you're not single. . .
You're in a relationship-you need to spend more time than you think.
Even if you should definitely have some time alone to do something that interests you, you should spend a lot of time doing activities with your partner.
Even if your partner is not outspoken about the neglect he or she may feel, it must be in their brains.
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