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are dishes included in cost of goods sold for restaurant paper coffee cups - what is the damage?

by:Two Eight     2019-07-26
At the beginning of the 20 th century, it was common to share glasses between water sources.This sharing, by using these cups, leads to public health problems in which diseases and diseases spread among people.Based on these problems, because the goods are cheap and easy to buy, by 1917, the glass disappeared from the public compartment and replaced it with paper cups.
In 1942 at Massachusetts State College, a study showed that the cost of cleaning glassUse after disinfection, 1.6 times the cost of using a single service Cup.The paper coffee cup is made from base \ "cup board \" and uses a special numberWaterproof ply machine covered with barrier coating.
Initially, hot drinking paper cups stick together and make water dense by using a small amount of clay at the bottom of the glass, then rotate at high speed so that the clay enters the inside of the glass to form waterPaper resistant.However, this makes the smell and taste of the beverage box very unique.The cold drink Cup cannot be treated in the same way, if condensation is formed outside, then the movement of the cardboard will make the Cup unstable.
Most cups are designed for one-time use and disposal or recycling.A comparison with the life cycle list of plastic cups shows that there is no clear winner in terms of the impact on the environment.Studies of coffee cups made with ordinary (16g) show that CO2 emissions are around 0: 11 (0.
25 kg sleeves per cupIncluding loss from trees, materials, production and transmission.Potential habitat damage with paper coffee cups (16g) with armbands is estimated to be 0.09 square meters (0.93 square meters ).Need more than 6.In 2006, American consumers reduced 5 million cups with 16 billion trees and used 4 billion gallons of water, resulting in 0.
253 billion pounds of waste.
Due to pollution problems and regulations, recycled paper is rarely used in paper manufacturing.Most are plastic liners, and it is not uncommon to compost and recycle cups.Most coffee cups are laminated with plastic resin.
This process can keep your drink warm and prevent leakageBut it also prevents the Cup from being recycled.Starbucks now produces 10% recyclable ingredients in its disposable mug.They don't use a higher percentage because the recycled cups they 've tried in the past leak or fail and customers complain.
There is a new type of biodegradable and compostable paper coffee cups, but they are a bit expensive to produce, relatively resource intensive, and have not yet been widely adopted nationwide.The fact is that no matter what they are made of, most disposable beverage cups are finally buried.But there's something you can do.Join the growing campaign to reduce the waste of coffee cups.
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