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Appetite for new eateries - gluten free restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-24
Appetite for new eateries  -  gluten free restaurant dishes
Many new cafes and restaurants hoping to open in Launceston CBD will encourage more people to visit the city center.
Maree Tetlow, executive officer of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, said yesterday that in addition to shopping, the new hotel business will provide customers with reasons to visit the city.
We want it to be vibrant. . .
That means there are various uses, she said.
"Retail will still be the main pillar, but the way other cities develop is that they become destinations in their own way.
MS Tetlow says it's also a benefit that some new restaurants cater to different dietary restrictions.
It's great to be able to provide them with a variety of different foods to meet their dietary requirements, she said, people do like to eat outside, so it's good to be able to cater to them.
One of the new businesses is KiaOra wood-
Fried Pizza on George Street
The owners Cindy Hollins and Kevin Barnett decided to expand their catering business next.
"Every time we go to an event, people say 'This is great, where can we go for pizza in a week? '?
"We have to say that we only do these things at the event," Hollins said . " MS.
Barnett said it was a practical decision to open a shop.
"We find our private catering business growing every year, so I think part of creating this place is to have a base. . .
That way we can expand our business in private dining, he said.
"Of course, we just wanted to create something beautiful and show people that you can have quality wood --
Basically fried pizza at street prices.
● M & B bar serving smoothies and organic coffee.
● Red Ted pub specializing in British pub food. ● Saffron Cafe.
Wax music and coffee shop shooting.
● Wood of KiaOrafired pizza.
Gluten Free Food in 100 gluten free rooms
● Steve's Grill was in the previous century.
Batman. xa0Soon.
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