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Anglerfish Facts - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Anglerfish Facts  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
When it comes to the bad look, and the perfect hunting method, no one can compare with fishing fish.
Here are some facts you may want to know about this dark deep sea creature.
Then came along the happy fish and swam quickly in the coral and caves.
It is a bright and gorgeous light from a distance.
Boy, is light attractive?
Let's take a closer look.
As we all know, the darkest depths of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans are the most terrible homes
Marine life on Earththe anglerfish.
More than 200 of these creatures live in these parts of the world.
Although most of these fish like to hide in the lonely, bare sea floor, but can also find some in the conditions of the shallow tropical environment.
Ang fish are usually dark brown and gray, and they have huge heads.
It can weigh 110 (50 kg ).
They are characterized by a huge new moon.
Mouth full of sharp translucent teeth.
Some of the fish can reach 3 in length.
3 feet, and most are less than 1 feet.
The most important feature of Ang fish may be related to the way it catches its prey.
Ang fish are usually dark brown and gray, and they have huge heads.
It can weigh 110 (50 kg ).
The fish can swing the meat in any desired direction while keeping the body completely stationary. In deep-
The sea anglers, this very meat can shine;
Thanks to the symbiotic relationship between fish and bacteria.
Thus, this makes the bait some kind of glowing food, thus increasing the chances of killing people.
When the prey is close enough, eat it with a big mouth!
This way of feeding fish is similar to fishing, so the name is "anglerfish ".
The size of the prey does not matter, even if it is twice the size of the fish.
The creature's soft body structure allows it to swallow larger prey than its size.
The most interesting fact about ang fish is related to male species.
Unlike most land and marine animals, here the male sits in the back seat when it comes to advantages.
Male fish do not have the lure organs like female fish, and are relatively small;
The size of the small finger.
Therefore, this brings difficulties for males to feed in the sea.
Also, in some males, the digestive tract (required for digestion and elimination) is not fully developed, so it is almost impossible for fish to survive alone.
This is why male ang fish grow on female ang fish as parasites. Wait! What? . .
This is how it happened. . .
At birth, men develop sensitive olfactory organs.
This makes it easier for men to discover the presence of women nearby.
When he does this, he will bite her or lock her with sharp teeth.
After that, the male releases an enzyme that can digest the skin of the female body and the male oral cavity.
Work overtime, this process continues to the physical integration of a pair of bloodvessel level.
Then begin the process of male atrophy or degeneration.
That is, men begin to lose their digestive organs, brains, hearts, eyes and all other internal organs until they finally leave in the form of a pair of testicles.
The testicles are used to release sperm in response to the hormones that women release eggs.
In this way, about 6 male ang fish can be borne by a female, providing her with a lifetime of sperm whenever she calls and immediately supplying fertilization.
Some people like to make it!
Ang fish feeds on almost all kinds of fish.
It also prey on batfish, sea snails, clams, shellfish, worms, feet and arrows.
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