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Ancient Chinese Food - which chinese restaurant in plano has dishes soybean

by:Two Eight     2019-08-30
Ancient Chinese Food  -  which chinese restaurant in plano has dishes soybean
Chinese food is very popular all over the world, from big hotels, big cities to small corners of town, Chinese food can be seen everywhere!
You can credit the ancient Chinese food culture to show the world that it is a food full of taste, aroma, all the wisdom of color and cooking method, can be traced back to a long time around 5000!
Lao Zi, a Chinese philosopher who lived in the 6 th century BC and was considered the founder of Taoism, said, "governing a great country is like cooking a small fish ".
He means that in order to manage successfully, only proper adjustments and seasoning are required.
This metaphorical hint of food clearly shows how important it is to get the right mix in Chinese food.
Food has always been an important aspect of Chinese culture, and its delightful culinary history dates back to more than 5000 years.
Since then, it has developed with the development of taste and cooking methods.
For such a long time, the Chinese have developed and mastered a complex food preparation system, such as identifying ingredients so that they can be compatible with the combination;
There are many cooking techniques used in production
First steam and then deep stage-
Stir-fry or stir-fry, then cook;
And manage more
Season in stages, such as between baking stages, after steaming, or before frying.
Chinese culture has always regarded food as an art and has always emphasized the cooking techniques, preparation, supply and appreciation of food.
Agriculture has played an important role in Chinese history.
The development of Chinese politics, economy, society and thought was centered around agricultural practice and influenced by it in ancient times. later, agricultural products became the staple food of ancient Chinese people.
Archaeological findings suggest that Rice was the first grain planted in China by at least 3000 to 4000.
The earliest rice planting record in China (and the world), long seedsgrained, non-
In the 1970 s, glutinous rice was found at the Neolithic site of Hemudu, Yuyao, Zhejiang province.
Therefore, Chinese traditional culture is also called "rice culture ".
Inscriptions on bronze vessels used as rice containers during the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 771 BC) indicate that Rice became extremely important during that time.
With the development of agriculture, rice planting began to have a positive impact on China's economy, and began to gain a respected position in daily diet, sacrifice to God, etc. , and brewed it into wine, and prepare different rice dishes that have become traditional dishes during Chinese celebrations.
The poor cannot afford meat and fruit.
Only when they manage to have meat on the rice.
It is said that tea was planted in China as early as 3000 BC and even before.
In China, people have been making tea since so early, which is called traditional drinks.
Wheat is not Chinese food.
About 1500 BC, during the Shang Dynasty, Chinese people ate wheat for the first time.
Brought from West Asia.
Wheat is cooked like millet and made into wheat cream.
Orange, lemon, peach and apricot are abundant, so they are mentioned in the history of ancient Chinese food.
Fennel and ginger are also native to China.
The Chinese first started eating domestic chickens around 5500 BC, originally from Thailand.
Between 4000 BC and 3000, pork was considered a delicacy.
In 4000 BC, sheep and cattle came from West Asia.
Poor people are unable to supply meat because it is expensive.
Buddhists do not eat meat.
So people are starting to use tofu and beans as a source of protein.
During the reign of the Song Dynasty, about 1000 of advertisements were made.
These two kinds of food became popular in Han Dynasty.
During this time, rice wine was popular with tea.
About 100 ads, people start making long noodles with wheat and rice.
As Marco Polo recorded, in his work, Chinese people began to eat porridge made of millet in milk during the Kublai period of about 1200 advertisements.
Dating back to the 7 th century BC, ancient Chinese food can be roughly divided into Northern and Southern cooking styles.
Generally speaking, dishes in northern China are often oily, although not oily, but the aroma of garlic and vinegar is more obvious.
Chinese food in the North also has a lot of pasta;
Some favorite flour
Food based on steamed bread;
Fried meat dumplings;
Steamed Stuffed Bun;
Dumplings similar to dumplings; and noodles.
Perhaps the most famous way of cooking in northern China is the way of cooking in Shandong, Tianjin and Beijing.
The Chinese desire for satisfaction and fulfillment is symbolized by a carefully crafted stuffed chicken.
Some of the specialties in the South are Hunan and Sichuan. the taste is very good.
Known for its free use of peppers;
Zhejiang and Jiangxi cuisine focusing on tenderness and freshness;
There are also Cantonese cuisine, which is a bit sweet and has many kinds.
Rice and Rice products such as rice cakes, rice porridge and rice noodles are usually accompanied by main courses in the South.
Carefully absorbing Confucianism and Taoism, the Chinese always put a lot of emphasis on satisfying the sense of smell, vision and taste, and they also attach importance to incorporating aroma, color and taste.
They usually have 3-
5 colors, choose from the ingredients of caramel, black, white, yellow, red, dark green and green.
Usually, vegetables and meat dishes are cooked using one of the main ingredients and then 2-
Minor components with contrasting colors.
Then, according to the ancient cooking method, add sauces and seasonings to make an aesthetic dish full of aroma, color and flavor.
Some of the main methods of cooking are potsfrying, flash-frying, deep-
Fried, steamed, stewed, fried-frying.
Because the Chinese always know that the fragrance of a dish will stimulate their appetite, they use a variety of seasonings such as black, dried mushrooms, sesame oil, pepper, cinnamon, octagonal, wine, pepper, garlic, fresh ginger and scallions.
One of the most important aspects of cooking any dish is to maintain a natural, fresh flavor and remove all unwanted game or fish scents from ginger and scallions.
Ingredients like vinegar, sugar and soy sauce are used to enhance the richness of the dish without killing the natural flavor.
Food is not only what we eat, but also how we make and eat it.
There are two main belief systems that affect the lives of ordinary citizens in more than one way, and even the way food ingredients are used and how people cook and serve food.
This effect can be seen even today.
Confucius emphasized the importance of enjoying harmony in the food culture.
He believes that the art of cooking is not just food, he supports a certain combination of taste and texture, and introduces cooking etiquette, using color and fragrance to enhance the presentation of dishes, while maintaining the integrity of individual foods.
A widely followed etiquette is that there is no knife on the table, and preparing food with a small mouth can eliminate this need --sized pieces.
Another etiquette widely followed is to share food with friends and family, which is considered to contribute to peace and harmony in society.
These beliefs and manners have also been widely followed until today.
Taoism emphasizes the nutritional and medicinal value of different plants, fungi, herbs, vegetables, seeds and roots.
It emphasizes the need to study the various medicinal properties presented by different foods and prepare dishes accordingly.
This makes the rich Chinese food located lowLow heat-fat. Poly-
Unsaturated oil is used when cooking, avoiding the use of milk, cream, butter and cheese.
In ancient Chinese cooking, for those who like spicy food, a well-made dish is spicy;
It is sweet for people who like sweet;
It's not too much for those who like brand to taste foodspiced;
For those who like the rich taste, it will be very rich.
The Chinese believe that if a dish contains all these features and satisfies all these flavors, it is indeed a successful work of art!
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