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Algae Eating Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Algae Eating Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Algae have always been part of the fish tank.
Although it can be controlled in many ways, some algae are introduced-
Eating fish is one of the best options.
Let's take a look at the popular fish used for this purpose.
Algae is a hassle for those who have fish tanks.
If they grow without restriction, algae will suffocate the fish and destroy the aquarium's ecosystem.
You can control the growth of algae in many ways, but it is beneficial to add some fish with algae as feed.
Have a lot of algae
Eat fish like Chinese algae eaters, Siam algae eaters, and Americans
South American Sailfish and catfish (such as ear cin fish and white stom fish), White len fish and some freshwater shrimp such as wild shrimp.
Today, they are sold as algae eaters.
Some algae-eating animals only eat specific algae, while others eat more than one algae.
Plecostomus or Plecos (Hypostomus plecostomus) are popular as people who eat algae and clean the water tank by eating algae.
These fish have small sizes (3 \"-
The body length of 4 \ "), but can grow to 2 feet, so it is very suitable for large aquariums.
These fish are very aggressive and sometimes eat small fish in aquariums or even aquatic plants.
Therefore, it is necessary to add lettuce or spinach to the diet.
If your fish tank is small, you can buy small nose eco fish or sukmouth catfish.
They draw soft green algae from the glass of rocks, logs and cans.
Sometimes they also eat small aquatic plants. This algae-
Fish is a genus of catfish, often referred to as a short suction cup or Otos.
They eat all kinds of algae and prefer to walk around in droves.
If there are no algae in the aquarium, they are hard to survive.
In this case, the only way to help them is to supplement their diet with covered cucumbers.
They are still small, so ideal for small fish tanks.
Make sure you put them in six or more groups.
If you have this fish in your aquarium, you must keep the aquarium clean as much as possible and check the water quality regularly. Siamese Algae-
) Is a fish with a black horizontal band that runs through the entire length of the body.
They lack the barb found in the fish sold in the name of the Siamese algae eater.
The popular fish sold as a Siamese algae eater is actually a distant relative of the fish.
This is also known as red algae diners.
The body of the fish is brown and black, with black straps from the nose to the tail.
They can grow up to 16 centimeters, with a small upper jaw and a slightly arched upper lip.
They feed on red algae, algae and beard algae.
Considered one of the best algae
Shrimp, widely used in aquariums.
They feed on black brush algae, algae and normal soft green algae.
Japanese shrimp has a translucent body, very small red
The brown spots are arranged like a broken line.
They also feature white stripes on the black eyes and back of the body that extend from the head to the tail.
They are nocturnal, and these small animals may be prey to the larger fish in the aquarium. Copper-
Water-based additives or drugs can be fatal for these shrimps, so avoid using these products.
In addition to these, many other species are used as algae-eating animals.
They are black Molly, Butterfly Valley, Florida flagfish, Rosie's hook and small-branch catfish.
Depending on the size and requirements of your fish tank, you can choose from this wide range of algae eaters.
You can also choose people who eat algae to control the growth of different types of algae. Adding algae-
Eating fish can highlight the beauty of your aquarium and also help control the growth of algae.
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