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Algae Eaters - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Algae Eaters  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
When you have an aquarium or fish tank in your home, you have to introduce some people who eat algae in it.
Aquariums and fish tanks usually have an environment where algae grow, so the growth of algae in these ecosystems is not surprising.
Sometimes, however, this unwanted algae growth can be a hassle, a place where algae eaters come to rescue.
These are just some fish and snails that eat algae.
They look very decent and therefore can be kept in your home as an aquarium species.
Not only will they increase the elegance of your aquarium, they will also help you remove the algae in it.
In addition to a few kinds of salted fish, algae-eating animals are mainly freshwater organisms.
Some of them are so small that they can't even see.
Some are fairly obvious, but they are decent.
Most of these species do not eat the food that is given to your aquarium fish, and even if they do, they will make sure your aquarium does not have algae.
Aquarium is commonly used.
) Is the most popular species in this genus.
) Is considered to be united and tolerant.
They boast that they are the only species that graze on "black brush algae.
It is known that all kinds of algae are used as food.
Some types of freshwater shrimp are also known for their ability to clean the aquarium.
Wild shrimp is one of the best examples.
Some of the freshwater snails belonging to the family of Valeria are also excellent in this task.
The most common is rabbit fish, which eats most algae, such as Blue bacteria, algae and hair algae.
These algae are not common in aquariums, but occasionally appear.
Sea urchins are also used to clean the algae aquarium, which is not surprising because it is their staple food.
All kinds of algae
The most popular food seems to be to eat sea urchins, tuxedo sea urchins and long spine sea urchins.
Some snail breeds, such as astrea, Turbo, Nerite and turban, do a great job of cleaning up tanks.
However, they breed very quickly and sometimes feed on your plants as well.
One or the hanging of a tropical fish is also widely regarded as the algae of desire.
They are also greedy diners who can do a great cleaning job for you.
With such diversity, few people question the fact that you are spoiled and have a choice.
Depending on the size and content of the aquarium, you can choose any of these species.
That being said, you also need to take care of these species.
Although they were introduced to the aquarium for a specific purpose, even if they needed some maintenance.
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