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African Cichlids Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
African Cichlids Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
It is very important to provide the most suitable pH value and proper mineral content for African fish.
In addition to this, aquarium enthusiasts must understand that these fish are territorial and quite aggressive with each other.
Few freshwater fish are as colorful as cichilds in Africa.
This makes them one of the most popular aquarium fish.
These fish found in East African lakes are considered rather tenacious once they meet the pH and mineral requirements of their environment.
However, this does not make it easy for cichilds care in Africa, at least definitely not for beginners.
The environment of these lakes is very unique.
These fish are used to the rock environment where water is alkaline.
In addition to the environmental needs, their attacks require experienced aquarium enthusiasts to take care of them.
These tropical fish can come from any of the three lakes in East Africa --
Lake tanany, Lake Victoria and Lake Malawi.
The environment of these lakes is alkaline and rocky, and while many aquariums say that these freshwater fish do adapt to the great changes in pH, it is better to meet the specific requirements of these organisms, it depends to a large extent on the lakes they come from.
The requirements of African ciyu allow the establishment of a fish tank that can compete with a large number of saltwater aquariums in color and decoration.
These fish are very territorial.
Therefore, when deciding on a fish tank, the first thing to consider is to ensure that it is a large fish tank with an efficient filtration system.
Minimum size with 55 gallon tank.
There are many rocks in the aquarium. they are part of the natural habitat of ciyu.
Live plants can also be included.
However, make sure the plant is able to hold high pH water in the tank.
You can also decorate the aquarium with the choice of artificial plants.
Note, however, that these fish have a porcelain base so that they do not float in the water, as the African ciyu seems keen to dig out the plants placed in the aquarium.
However, if you bring home the cichlid in Malawi, then you can rule out any plants in the aquarium.
These fish come from the rocky part of the lake with some plants, so don't mind if there are no plants in the aquarium.
As far as the substrate is concerned, no special material needs to be used.
However, broken corals or white clouds are a good choice as they help to maintain a healthy pH value in the water tank.
So far, you must have realized that these Cixi are avid miners.
So make sure the substrate is at least 2-3\" deep.
African fish need alkaline pH, pH should be between 7. 4 to 8. 4.
Special cichild buffer is available on the market and must be used to adjust the pH of the aquarium water.
Buy a high range test kit to check the pH of the water every month.
These fish also require high mineral content in fish tank water.
For this, you can add mushroom salt to the aquarium.
However, before meeting these requirements, it is better to know which African lake your fish comes from, because the water quality features of each Lake are different.
Keep the temperature of the water at 74-82°F.
Because the aquarium is a closed environment, the water quality of the aquarium will deteriorate rapidly.
Therefore, water must be changed frequently.
However, the aquarium water will never exceed 10% per change.
The frequency of moisture changes depends on the degree of stocking and the amount of feeding.
In serious circumstances
Reserve the aquarium and replace 10% of the water every week.
The intestines of these fish are very long.
Therefore, it is important to provide them with the right food.
Spirulina is good for all varieties.
However, it is known whether they are carnivores, herbivores, omnivores or micro-eaters
Eating predators of small-sized animals is one of the most important tips to take care of African fish.
Regardless of the eating habits, it is always helpful to add a variety of foods to their diet.
Add some vegetables to the meat fish diet and feed some meat to the grass-eating animals.
The commercially available Cichild flakes are a great choice.
Many people choose frozen food and live food.
For those who want to know how to take care of them, it is important to know about the aggression of the African Cixi.
They are aggressive about their own kind.
This aggression increases between two fish of the same size.
This is because, in terms of food, territory, and partner, one sees another as its competitor.
So if you want more than one African mushroom then make sure they are different in size.
African fish care requires an experienced post mortem.
Only when a person knows what kind of fish he has and its specific requirements can proper care be given to the fish.
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