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Adelaide Chianti restaurant menu translated to Chinese to lure tourists - mandarin dish restaurant menu

by:Two Eight     2020-01-06
Adelaide Chianti restaurant menu translated to Chinese to lure tourists  -  mandarin dish restaurant menu
A popular Adelaide restaurant has translated the menu into Chinese, hoping to attract more foreign tourists to dine here.
Restaurants and restaurants in Australia (RCA)
It is expected that the Chianti Italian restaurant in CBD will be followed by other high-rise restaurants
A restaurant offering a variety of cuisines.
Tobias Ghush, chef and director of Chianti, said the translation menu was more than just a business decision.
"The big spirit we have here is to make people feel welcome and nothing is too much trouble. . .
"So it comes from this," he said . ".
They can still come if they find English difficult.
There is a menu where they can order what they want and have a good time.
"Mr. Gush said that the share of overseas tourists in the customers of this restaurant is growing, especially during the summer and Adelaide festivals, so --
The parade, known as crazy, is in full swing.
The restaurant is making sure that Adelaide's hotel concierge is aware of its menu plans to help open up new businesses, he said.
"We noticed how grateful and happy the guests were to have their menu, because usually one person is in charge of the table, usually the one who speaks the best English," he said . ".
In the 12 months ended last September, South Australia received about 38,000 Chinese tourists, an increase of nearly 1-
Third time last year.
RCA's deputy chief executive, Sally Neville, said new direct flights between Adelaide and mainland China supported the growth.
To ensure that cafes and restaurants are culturally aware, they are being encouraged, she said.
"Some restaurants have launched translation menus, but they have also trained their staff to learn about the type of diet Chinese tourists like, usually public dining," she said . ".
"In addition, respect the oldest people on the table, so the waiting staff make sure they obey them, although in fact the English of a young man may be better.
"There are more and more Chinese signage around Adelaide, but MS Neville suggests more steps can be taken to help all foreign tourists.
Mr. Gush said that the Chianti restaurant changed the menu up to five times a year, so it will be assessed whether the Chinese option is worth the cost of translation.
But he says it already provides time benefits for busy employees.
"As a restaurant, your staff has a lot of guests to take care of and it can take a lot of time to have a translator," he said . ".
"We have to wait and see if it creates more business, but it helps us to do what we have to do.
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