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action, emotion and belief – three levels of change - dirty dishes restaurant stock photo

by:Two Eight     2019-08-24
action, emotion and belief – three levels of change  -  dirty dishes restaurant stock photo
How do people do what they do?
How are habits formed and maintained?
How do we create behavior changes as needed?
If a person is in the business of sales change like I am, these are important issues.
I think a lot of ways to help people change.
I have been looking for the most effective and fastest way. I use a three-
Changed hierarchy model, which provides information for my NLP
Language programming, work.
I use it extensively. What is it?
This is the connection between action, emotion and belief.
When I met with private clients, I asked a lot of questions about the nature of the present and the changes expected.
I ask the question: what are you doing?
What are you not doing?
When, where, and with whom do you do (or do not )?
How do you feel at that moment (behavior decision point?
How did you feel before that?
How do you feel after that?
What are you thinking at that moment?
What are you saying to yourself?
What images do you have in your head?
What prevented you from changing?
What are your beliefs about yourself and the world?
There is no correct or wrong answer, and there is no judgment-this is the truth --
Search for adventure!
Three things I'm looking.
The current state of action (or inaction), emotion, and belief.
They are interrelated.
If we feel something, we act in a certain way.
That's what we do.
For example, someone wants to quit smoking, lose weight or control alcohol.
They smoke a cigarette when they feel stressed.
Or they eat cookies.
Or a beer.
The mind creates an unconscious strategy, a shortcut from negative emotions to behavior to positive emotions.
I was under a lot of pressure and had a cookie and now I feel calm. I’m bored.
I smoked a cigarette and felt more focused.
I think of the dirty dishes, I am at a loss, I play online.
I am very happy, no longer at a loss.
I have come to the conclusion that emotions are the first driver of behavior.
Conscious thoughts do not directly drive change in behavior, and they do not in the long run.
If so, we have no fear, no fear, no habit of smoking, etc.
We will only think out of the box of any act.
This will not happen!
The real driving force of behavior is how we feel.
At the right moment, the right feeling (behavior decision point) leads to the result we want!
There is an ideal mental/physical state (mood) of success in any effort ).
At the moment of the swing, golfers may need focus, strength and confidence.
Public speakers may need a creative sense of flow, relaxation and fun when speaking.
Intimate moments may require a fun and loving connection.
The right feeling will accelerate success and define success as engaging in the desired behavior.
So with NLP, we create new feelings and automate them where they are useful.
However, we have a higher level of change.
What controls how we feel?
This is our belief in ourselves and the world.
People have what I call "limiting beliefs" that generate negative emotions and, in turn, unwanted habits or behaviors.
This is the highest and most significant level of change.
What causes anxiety is a huge driver of behavior and non-behaviorbehavior?
This is a limited belief in the self, such as "I can't" or "I don't deserve" or "I'm not enough ".
These are all false and ridiculous!
Only when we believe in them will they become reality and limit us.
So through NLP, we create new beliefs that make people feel good and make the right choices.
So, the three levels of change are: 1.
What we do-a habit, a pattern, a reaction in the world. 2.
Our feelings drive us into different behaviors-emotions, mental/physical states, such as confidence, happiness, motivation. 3.
We believe it is true in this world.
When we believe in our power, we become stronger.
Car maker Henry Ford says best: "You're right if you think you can, or you think you can't!
Positive beliefs drive positive emotions, and positive emotions drive desired actions.
In fact, I have done this work with thousands of clients over the years, and this third floor is the most influential job.
Eliminating negative thoughts about the self will not only change a negative feeling or unwanted behavior, but will also change everything.
Just like a domino fell
One may want to change eating habits, such as turning off sugar.
However, eliminating the limited belief in self will affect everything but food in a positive way, job performance, interpersonal relationships, learning, self
Care, health, etc.
When you change your perception of yourself, you will feel better and the habits will change in all areas of your life.
For myself, what I call the idea of working at Level 3: "Go bigger or go home!
These are my three.
A hierarchical model of change.
When performed by skilled and creative artists, the NLP creates desired changes on all three levels faster than any other method. NLP is an art.
It is an art form that cannot be placed in a jar or become an ordinary work.
The most effective foundation of this work is the lifelong accumulation of personal thoughts and their personal strategies and thinking, as well as the belief of NLP strategists in action, emotion, and improvement of life.
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