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A vegetarian at sea - nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-07
A vegetarian at sea  -  nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes
When he first went to Hong Kong, the vegetarian R Krishna from Mumbai succumbed to the temptation of the island's famous seafood --
From eel to exotic century egg.
I have heard the horror story of vegetarians coming back from China.
About how you can find something to eat without walking through the Earth, how can they starve to death except the chocolate they bought or the Maggi they store.
Okay, now it's my turn, edit pack me up for wineand-
A festive meal in Hong Kong.
I am also a vegetarian and while I am not a stickler I am not very prepared to eat anything to walk or fly.
But maybe I can accept that swimming seafood is an important part of Hong Kong's culture and I am determined to be completely immersed in it.
So instead of carrying Maggi, I stocked up the medicine I might need in case my stomach refused to work together on this grand culinary adventure.
My first Test was at the Super seafood restaurant.
There are four large fish tanks at the entrance, not just for decoration.
Our guide told us that while we can point out which fish caught our attention, it is impolite to point out individual fish because you will eat them soon.
This season features a hairy green crab that is only caught in the late autumn season.
Therefore, its price is too highHK$400.
We decided to go to the dumpling which is famous for this restaurant.
I started eating vegetable dumplings, tofu rolls and steamed kale (cousin of broccoli) carefully ).
I looked around and chose the safest seafood on the table --
Traditional Hong Kong dishes, shrimp rolls. Bite one. Juicy. Bite two.
I can feel the difference between the taste and seafood soup.
I looked up and found someone staring at me doubtfully.
"Good, good," I assure them.
But, to be honest, the vegetarians in my heart are fighting.
In my mind I can see the prawns walking around in the sea.
I drank some green tea to calm down these thoughts and turned my attention to the subtle taste in front of me.
Unlike at home, these dishes depend more on the natural flavor of meat or vegetables than on spices.
However, as I am about to find out, this is not true in all parts of China.
The next day we had lunch in the Michelin-starred yellow door kitchen.
The restaurant specializes in Sichuan and Shanghai cuisine.
Liu Chun, the chef who had lunch with us, pointed out that Sichuan province is an inland province in western China.
Many spices and vegetables grown in the area are included in the dishes.
Spices include ginger, garlic, peppers, peanuts and sesame seeds.
But there is no doubt that Sichuan pepper is anti-German.
I like Indian black pepper, but the red Sichuan pepper goes further in my mind with its gorgeous fragrance.
The bite was very pungent, but overall the dish tasted good.
So far in Hong Kong, my Indian taste is lacking in spices, and I have tasted the Sichuan cuisine launched by the Liu Chun team --
From fresh bean slices with garlic sauce to stirfried ling-
Zhi mushroom with red pepper.
I didn't even look at it.
Vegetarian food.
In fact, I found that there are indeed delicious vegetarian dishes on the menu in Hong Kong, and I did not notice them despite the limited selection, as they are all in Mandarin.
Later that day, when we had dinner at the big water restaurant, it was time to eat seafood again.
Jumbo proudly wears a Chinese label on his sleeve.
The red facade is lit with bright lights and the Yellow Dragon statue.
The restaurant is a huge hall with a replica of the emperor's throne at one end.
I graduated from scallops this time.
The meat was softer than prawns, and I didn't see any scallops anyway, so I had another meal.
Someone at the table carefully ordered sake and perfectly replenished the food.
However, this is the next dish in the meal, and even leaves an experienced non-
Vegetarians at the table are confused about eggs, unlike any eggs they have encountered before.
This egg is not the usual white and yellow, but the rubber-like black with green black egg yolk.
"Just close your eyes and eat," our guide showed this with an inspiring "Ummm.
I don't believe it, but I took a bite.
Strangely, it tastes the same as a normal egg.
Later I found out that the Chinese, known for their advanced cooking techniques, found that if wrapped in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, eggs could be stored for a few weeks, along with the hull.
The result is Black century egg.
For the next two days, while steamed kale, pokchoy and other Chinese vegetables are still my staple food, I never shy away from exotic food like eel or even jelly fish.
Half of my expectations were shocked when I bit the eel, but instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the eel.
I took a firmer determination to dip my teeth into the jelly fish, and the cucumbers helped me eliminate the sting.
Finally, I got home and played.
The question that makes no sense is that I will turn the answer into No. . .
Or at least before I go to the exotic coastal area next time.
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