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a history of pizza - - the dish restaurant new york

by:Two Eight     2019-09-16
a history of pizza -  -  the dish restaurant new york
Pizza is the most popular food in the world today.
You may think that its origin started in Italy, and you are right about the origin of the pizza we think today.
Still, pizza was originally a more practical food than it is now, rather than a fun one.
It's not necessary to know where your food comes from, but it can be fun.
The origin of pizza actually began in ancient times, and as mentioned earlier, it was more for function than pleasure.
In ancient times, dishes and utensils were probably the least, as was the ability to clean and disinfect.
Because of this, using bread dough as your plate is a great idea to eat with gravy and stew.
It doesn't seem like the pizza we think it is at this point, but it is just the beginning.
Over time, pizza began to take on more forms we saw today.
This is especially the case in Italy.
In the 19 th century, the Queen of Italy added mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil to the bread in honor of the Italian flag.
After that it became very popular and accepted more of the form of pizza we had today.
Pizza arrived in the United States quite late, and the first pizza shop started with an Italian in New York.
It is also popular in different styles in Chicago.
These two styles are a pretty good representation of the two main pizzas you can buy today.
There are certainly some changes, but the New York style has a logo with a thin crust of ingredients, and the Chicago style has a thinking shell with ingredients.
After World War II, American soldiers accelerated the popularity of pizza in the United States.
So you want to thank them for giving their lives for that terrible war, but you also want to thank them for encouraging pizza in the United States.
It was in Italy during the war, which helped encourage them to enjoy the food.
Today's pizza is booming in the United States as art and creativity encourage themselves
Even express in your food.
Because of this, you can really put whatever you want on the pizza.
It can have a variety of things, from more original ingredients to spicy buffalo chicken with blue cheese sauce.
Hopefully all the topics about pizza make you hungry and will let you find a pizza shop in your area where you can taste a food that has been around for years.
Don't be afraid to take risks in your diet.
Now that you 've learned some of the history of pizza, maybe you can try to find a pizza shop that offers you something like the original pizza.
If you haven't squandered recently and haven't bought pizza for dinner, maybe tonight is the best time for a family night with delicious food as your main course.
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