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A Guide to Chinese Food - make restaurant dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2020-01-08
A Guide to Chinese Food  -  make restaurant dishes at home
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No matter where the Chinese live, food vendors in China are selling.
The same is true of where I live.
I am Chinese and grew up from snack Chinese food.
Not only can I eat at home
I made Chinese food at my own table and could also taste all kinds of Chinese food outside;
Thanks to the discovery of many different food institutions in the country.
I do like to try different dishes other than my own traditions, but Chinese food always has a special place in my heart.
Eating Chinese food always makes me feel nostalgic because I always associate these with Chinese banquets and family gatherings.
The great meal made us remember our roots and brought our family together at the same time.
The way the dishes are served is the banquet-
Style: when everyone takes turns to help order, the dishes are placed on Lazy Susan.
When a person holds a service on someone else's plate, it is a symbol of emotion.
On this page, I list the common Chinese dishes you may find in Chinese restaurants.
Many dishes are best served with rice.
I have also attached some photos so you can have a general idea of what to order in the restaurant.
Enjoy the pictures as you scroll down the page and I hope there is a nearby Chinese restaurant in your area where you can taste the dishes.
Mapo tofu is a popular Sichuan tofu (
A province of China)
Dish made of tofu and minced meat, cooked with spicy beansbased sauce.
The spicy taste of this dish makes it the serving of rice.
I can finish a bowl of white rice with just a few spoonfuls of mapo tofu.
When you try this dish, be sure to put a cold water next to it because it will be very spicy.
Oyster CakeCredit: Yoh via Flickr credit: mistyeyed_girl via Flickr no, this is not a pastry as the name suggests.
It is a special omelet made of oysters.
In addition to oysters, add bean sprouts, onions and leeks to the scrambled egg mixture and add seasonings.
Potato starch was also added to keep it sticky.
The result is a chewy crust inside.
I 've never liked oysters before, but surprisingly, this dish is my favorite dish all the time.
Beijing Yali: rickycliphoto of Flickr credit: The INABA Tomoaki of Flickr this dish is from Beijing and served the emperor during the early dynasty.
Now, this popular dish is usually served at large events in the Chinese.
Peking duck can be eaten in different ways.
If you order one in the restaurant, the waiter will ask how you would like to provide: One-way, two-way, or three-way.
The three methods of Beijing Roast Duck are as follows: 1.
The crispy skin of the duck is wrapped in very thin Chinese --
Pancakes with leeks, cucumber strips and sauce.
Credit: via the avlxyz of Flickr R2.
The meat is chopped and can also be wrapped in lettuce (
Depending on the restaurant).
Credit: Nisa via Flickr 3.
The rest of the bones and meat are made into broth.
This dish is interesting because it is usually prepared in front of you.
You will see that the server divides the Ducks into different parts and produces three ways to eat Beijing roast duck.
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Prices as of August 21, 2015)
Combine food, culture and romance, and that's what you'll get.
However, it should be noted that you may feel hungry just by reading the delicious description of Chinese food.
This novel is the first book of Ann Ma, a really relaxed and interesting read, she is Chinese
The American daughter of Adeline Yen Mah.
Fried rice in Yangzhou (
Fried rice in Yangzhou)
Photo source: the main ingredients of the fried rice in the country include rice, eggs, barbecues, scallions and shrimps.
Shrimp and pork provide a sweet taste for the dish.
Fried rice is usually cooked for at least one day to avoid sticky results.
Sweet and Sour Pork: Steven Depolo via Flickr the sticky sauce of this dish is a mixture of sugar, tomato sauce, soy sauce and vinegar.
The sauce on fried pork is rich in flavor and goes well with white rice.
Pineapple, green pepper and onions were added to the dish.
Through Flickr credit: joyosity literally means "pork roast" through Flickr literally, this dish is pork cooked on fire.
Charcoal is made of different pieces of pork cut, red on the outside, and cut into slices.
The Char Shiu is glazed with seafood sauce, oyster oil, honey and 5 spice powders, which are very delicious and chewy outside, while the inside is also very damp and delicious.
It can be eaten on rice or noodles, or as a filling for steamed stuffed buns.
Various cold dishes: Matthew herladulla served first before serving any other dishes in the Chinese restaurant through Flickr, and various cold dishes are different package combinations
Cooked meat and bacon.
The usual cold dishes of this combination include roast duck, pork belly, soy chicken, charcoal and Chinese sausage.
These are usually arranged into fine groups, accompanied by jelly fish and century eggs.
Kung Pao chicken slices: snow beans and pock are a Sichuan dish.
The name was named by a governor of Sichuan province.
This dish is fried or fried chicken with chili, vegetables and peanuts.
The chickens may have been marinated before frying with other ingredients.
Spring roll credit: through Flickr credit: Shisberg through Flickr Spring rolls is a cylindrical form of minced meat or vegetables rolled inside the wrapping paper.
The filling varies depending on the mix of vegetables such as pork, carrots, bean sprouts and tofu.
The roll can be fried or steamed.
Chow MienCredit: avlxyz is translated into fried noodles through Flickr translation, and Chow Mien is basically a noodle mixed with a variety of ingredients such as pork, beef, shrimp and vegetables.
The noodles are cooked first and then transferred to the pan for frying with other ingredients.
Sebastian ecredit: Sebastian Marie porridge is another popular Chinese dish that is suitable for eating in cold winter.
It consists mainly of rice and stocks.
There are several variations of porridge, which can be added from fish, pork, beef and chicken.
In China, many restaurants feature porridge and many additional ingredients to choose from.
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