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'A deadly mistake': Chinese restaurant remains closed after fatal death cap mushroom meal - old chinese restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-22
\'A deadly mistake\': Chinese restaurant remains closed after fatal death cap mushroom meal  -  old chinese restaurant dishes
The bill's chief health officer confirmed that bistros that Cook deadly mushrooms on New Year's Eve will continue to be closed and will need to be checked before they are allowed to reopen.
The Chinese restaurant at the Harmonie German Club in Narranbundah was supposed to reopen after Wednesday night's Christmas holiday, just hours before management learned of the tragedy, when two of them died, the other two were taken to hospital after eating a dish containing dead-cap mushrooms.
Canberra health authorities confirmed last night that the meal was prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant.
Acting acting ACT chief Health officer Dr. Andrew Penley said that while the bistro was voluntarily closed, ACT Health requested that it remain closed until the inspection was conducted.
Last night, a sign on the door of a restaurant run by an independent operator within the club said that the chef "made a fatal mistake ".
The sign says that the community is being notified with "The biggest regret" that chef Liu made a fatal mistake with kitchen hand Tsou hsi on June and ate some mushrooms (death cap) they mistakenly thought it was Chinese mushroom. "
It is not clear who posted the note, but Susan Davidson, secretary of the German club of Harmonie, confirmed that the note was not from the club and was not an independent operator of the restaurant.
Inside, the remnants of a meal sit on the table next to the counter.
Mr. Liu, 38, was cooking in a bistro and MS Tsou, 52, died of liver failure while waiting for a transplant at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.
Another 51-year-old man is still in hospital for death hat poisoning and is in stable condition.
ACT Health initially said the person was a member of the same organization, but ACT Police said that was not the case.
Today, it was reported that the fourth man in his 30 s had a pregnant wife who survived eating food containing deadly mushrooms and was discharged from hospital on Tuesday.
The health authorities checked the restaurant yesterday to make sure there was no mushroom residue on site.
They say there is no risk of exposure to the public.
The friend of the chef, who has worked in Australia for several years, said he is very fascinated by fresh food.
He is also trying to send money to his Chinese wife and two children. year-
11-year-old boy and girl.
Last night, a statement from the Harmonie German Club expressed condolences to the family and friends of our colleagues who recently died in an unfortunate incident when they ate death cap mushrooms at private meals \'.
The statement said the deceased was an employee of a contractor who runs a Chinese bistro in the club.
"We are still shocked and saddened by the club," said the statement by acting manager Mick Tammer . ".
"However, we want to assure members and the Canberra community that their health will not be threatened under any circumstances.
\ "Mushrooms are private meals brought into the club by the chef for him and his colleagues, cooked after an hour at the Bistroworkers.
It added: "This is not a meal on the bistro menu, nor is it a meal provided to or to the public . ".
Fairfax Media does not recommend this meal to the public.
Mr. Liu's friends believe that he picked the poisonous mushrooms of Braden on his way home from work and mistaken them for edible mushrooms used in Asian cooking.
The four friends at the dinner party are not members of the same family.
Tom O \ 'DEA, a close friend of Mr. Liu, said the man only ate a fraction of the deadly food because he was nervous about eating wild mushrooms.
The other person at the dinner party did not eat mushrooms and was not affected.
O \ 'Mr dea said: "Liu was very interested in fresh food in June as a chef, and that was part of the problem here . ".
"You really don't want you to make a mistake while eating this and then die in the most terrible way within 48 hours.
The death hat is one of the world's deadliest mushrooms.
Mr. Liu's wife tried to come to Canberra to cremate her husband.
But she is going through a long bureaucratic struggle without a passport and visa.
Miss Tsou spent a few months in Canberra on a tourist visa.
Her adult son is said to have encountered difficulties in raising funds for air tickets and funeral expenses.
Mr. O'Dea and his friends set up a memorial fund to help the families of the victims.
Donate, visit any branch of ANZ Bank and quote a quote from Thomas Neil Odia for Liu's June and Tsou Hsiang Memorial Fund.
BSB 012084, account 204361633.
Correction: An earlier version of the story said the restaurant admitted to making a fatal mistake.
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