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a chinese restaurant dish chicken arroz caldo - filipino comfort food

by:Two Eight     2019-07-26
It's cold outside, baby!The cold wind shook my skin.This is the best time to snuggle up in bed.I woke up late this morning.At times like this I just want to stay in bed and eat something warm like Arroz Caldo.
This dish is at the top of my list of comfort foods and my plan Party!Arroz CaldoArroz Caldo is a Philippine version of Chinese porridge, a porridge adapted to Spanish colonial settlers visiting Chinese restaurants in the Philippines.So the name Arroz Caldo in Spanish means rice broth.Arroz caldoarz Caldo is basically chicken and rice porridge seasoned with onions, garlic, ginger and pies (Philippine fish sauce.
Until the rice is thick and becomes porridge-like, with red flowers, chopped scallions, roasted garlic, cooked eggs and squid (also known as squid, A small citrus-like fruit grown in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.It is a hybrid between citrus and kumquat members, in which case it is most likely to be citrus and kumquat.This is my version of Arroz Caldo.2 tsp.1 1/2 lbs.bone-2 tbls.C11 caldomour-Arroz CaldoTo fry chopped garlic into roasted garlic with a little oil until it turns dark brown.
You can add some delicious pastries to it.Share and Enjoy!
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