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6 tips for stress-free eating out with the kids at half-term - nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-07
6 tips for stress-free eating out with the kids at half-term  -  nice restaurant with good vegetarian dishes
Eating in a restaurant should be fun for all families, but often tears, touches and food fights.
The study by Meerkat Meals found that 27% of parents admitted that their children had a temper or screamed loudly while eating out, and one out of five said, they are too nervous about their child's unpredictable behavior and go out for dinner more than once or twice a year.
As a result, 10% of parents are worried when approaching the restaurant, and 12% say they are stressed about the outlook.
So how do you make family dinners more enjoyable for everyone (including other diners? Walk into a nice restaurant and realize that you are the only one with children, even though it is a school holiday.
It seems like it's not bad enough, and once you 've all sat down (you nailed your twisted youngest kid together when he tried to fight for freedom), you looked at the menu, realize that there is no menu for children, so you have to coax your child to try venison --
Fried Thistle or some other
Excellent food with friendly children. Family-
The staff of the friendly restaurant will understand that the behavior of small children is not always perfect, so there is no need to feel embarrassed.
If you can, book where the kids have been before, where you know they'll be happy to eat.
Also, try to create family traditions like playing a specific game like: "who can guess what dish dad will order in advance and make sure the kids don't get too tired.
Try not to be too hungry on your own, this will only lead to grumpy . . . . . . Repeat it before you go to the restaurant. Have a back-
Make plans if the kids don't behave like taking them outside for a few minutes, but don't forget to praise them if they do have table manners.
Remember, bribery can work-the promise of chocolate ice --
If they perform well, the cream can be controlled by even the most capricious children, at least for a period of time.
Still, mobile phones or tablets can actually guarantee keeping kids busy while eating out.
If you want to avoid relying on the screen, prepare text games or cards, small toys or color books.
Young children are not comfortable sitting quietly for long periods of time, so the goal is to keep meals short-if young children have nowhere to go, up to an hour.
It may be helpful to check the menu online first, so you can also quickly select food.
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