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5 Ways to Freeze Rice Dishes - restaurant quality dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
5 Ways to Freeze Rice Dishes  -  restaurant quality dishes at home
When you are late and want to prepare a fast meal for yourself, a refrigerator full of rice is always in handy.
Life becomes more relaxed and tense
Free, with rice, any other meal you can eat.
To get the required texture when re-heating frozen rice, cook white rice al dente.
However, if it is brown rice, cook it all the time before freezing. In this fast-
Fast-paced life, no one has time to cook exclusively every day.
However, eating at home or preparing meals for you and your family is a healthier and more economical option.
To make your life a little easier, when you are tired or too lazy to cook, you always have the option to pre-cook the food and freeze them for the day.
You can do almost anything from vegetables, meat, soup, and even rice.
Yes, you read it right!
Rice and frozen rice can be eaten for a month.
All you have to do is simply unfreeze it and it is as good as fresh rice.
Here are some quick and easy ways to freeze rice and answer your mind about "Can you freeze rice ? " The lingering problem.
Not just rice, you can even freeze rice pudding and rice dishes for your baby.
Scoop the cooked rice into a sealed container.
Once the rice cools to room temperature, close the lid of the container.
Write down the date of cooking and put it in the refrigerator.
Open the lid of your rice container, sprinkle some water, and then put the container into the microwave.
Heat for a few minutes.
When the rice starts to thaw, mix the rice every once in a while.
According to the number of dishes served, scoop out some rice and put it into a bowl.
Put a plastic wrap on the rice bowl.
Pour the bowl over quickly.
Carefully remove the rice bowl and cover the rice with plastic wrap.
Remove any excess air and seal it with rice.
Gently push the rice into a square or rectangular shape and flatten all surfaces.
This will help you to organize the package in the fridge.
Place these individual bags in the air tight bag and seal them.
Write the packing date on the bag.
When you decide to use this frozen rice, all you need to do is take it out of a separate package and transfer it to the bowl.
Put this bowl of frozen rice in the microwave oven, sprinkle some water and heat it for a few minutes until you eat soft and fluffy rice.
Rinse a sheet pan under the tap and shake out the excess water.
When the rice is still hot, scoop it onto the pot and spread it evenly.
Cut the rice into smaller portions with the help of a wet measuring cup or bowl.
Allow the rice to cool to room temperature.
Transfer the portion of the rice to the freezer bag.
Spread out and flatten these rice bags.
Remove excess air and seal the bag.
Flatten the rice in the freezer bag and write down the date.
Now simply pile them up in your fridge.
Put frozen brown rice in the microwave
A safe container, sprinkle some water, heat the frozen rice for a few minutes, or until the rice is good and hot.
Cook the rice pudding until there is no water.
This will help prevent burns in the refrigerator.
Scoop rice pudding into the fridge-
A safe container for it to cool to room temperature.
Make sure your container is served according to the individual.
This will help you unfreeze the amount actually consumed, not the entire batch.
Because rice pudding should not be frozen again.
Let the pudding cool.
Label and seal the container.
This rice pudding will freeze you.
It will last you for about 3 months.
However, it is recommended to complete it as soon as possible.
Remove the pudding from the container and put it in a pan.
Pour a few tablespoons of milk and slowly heat the pudding.
Remember to stir, because if you let it settle down in one place, there is a good chance that it will stick to the pan and burn.
Disinfect the ice tray with a lid.
Baby food is allowed to reach room temperature.
Scoop baby food into a tray of ice cubes.
Once full, tap the counter gently and tap the bottom of the tray several times.
This will help to drain excess air from the tray and prevent burns in the refrigerator.
Cover the tray and put it in the refrigerator.
Once completely frozen, remove from the refrigerator and place it in a separate package.
Do not re-heat or freeze any baby food, especially if it contains any form of milk or dairy.
Retrieve a small amount of baby food when you need to use baby food.
Let the food unfreeze in the fridge for hours or overnight.
You can choose to heat in a pan or thaw in a microwave.
Either way, make sure to stir the food well in a short period of time to prevent the food from burning.
Let the food cool before feeding the baby.
Remove any excess air or moisture from the container, otherwise you will experience severe food burns, which will affect the taste, texture and smell of the food.
Don't forget to splash water on the rice before heating the frozen rice.
This will add some moisture to the rice and prevent dehydration due to the dry heat of the microwave.
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