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5 top options for cheap Mexican food in Louisville - mexican restaurant main dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-10-30
5 top options for cheap Mexican food in Louisville  -  mexican restaurant main dishes
Looking for new and favorite Mexican attractions?
Using Yelp data and our own secret sauce, Hoodline calculates a list of the best places to meet your desires to find the most affordable Mexican restaurants near the city of Wisconsin. 1.
The friends who stop the list are carnival time.
Located at 135 S.
Highest tourist attraction in Mexico-rated low-
There is a Mexican restaurant in Louisville with 4 restaurants.
5 stars out of 58 reviews on Yelp.
The restaurant offers a variety of lunch and dinner, from taco salad and burrito to fajitas, tacos and burrito.
Look for flat bread full of grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and chili sauce, with rice, or shrimp corn flakes with grilled shrimp, cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes and bell peppers.
Happy hour starts from 5-Thursday8 p. m.
When domestic and Mexican beer and margar tower are on the market. 2.
Mexican Express restaurant La Mexico anext is a hot dog in Mexican Express restaurant located on the 6201 Preston Road. With 4.
5 stars out of 28 reviews on Yelp, and for those looking for cheap options, the Mexican dot has proven to be a local favorite.
Choose from a menu of tortas, sopes, burritos and tacos.
Keep it simple with steak or chicken tacos, coriander, onion or tacos and flour tacos, beef and cheese. 3.
El CaporalBon Air, located at 2209 Meadow Drive, is another top choice, and Yelpers gives an affordable Mexican attraction 4.
5 stars in 48 reviews.
The history dates back to 1989. El Caporal has fajitas, tortillas, burrito, seafood, specialties, etc.
The most popular on the menu is the burrito, consisting of two burrito stuffed with beans and beef tips topped with lettuce, cheese, avocado sauce, sour cream and
From ice cream to sopapillas to cheesecake, save space for dessert. 4.
Mexico's El MolcajeteEl Molcajete is another lowpriced go-
Out of 144 Yelp reviews, there are four stars.
Head to 2932 S. Fourth St.
Go and see it yourself.
El Molcajete serves gorditas, sopes, tacos, burrito, tortas, desserts and more.
You can enjoy a steak or chicken pie with a salad or a shrimp cake with sweet peppers, onions, rice and beans. 5.
Coconut Beach tacos and CervezaFinally, in college, check out Coconut Beach tacos and Cerveza, which won 4 stars in 82 reviews on Yelp.
Dig in Mexico by heading over 2787Floyd St.
There are soup, salad, burrito, tortas and many special dishes.
Choose shrimp, salad and Friday.
Baja fish tortillas are also customers here.
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