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5 common beliefs about england and the english by peter ... - most common restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-22
5 common beliefs about england and the english by peter ...  -  most common restaurant dishes
If you are going to come to the UK to learn or improve your English skills, you may ask yourself: Is the UK really like what people say?
What do you really mean: is England really as bad as people say?
There are many common myths about British life.
Fortunately, most of them are untrue.
Below you will find the most common myths about living in the UK checked and evaluated.
The facts are often more shocking than the stories you hear.
Well, to be honest, the world would be a boring place if every country had the same culture and only different languages, wouldn't it?
"The food is terrible ! "
OK, no one is traveling to the UK purely for food reasons.
We all have stories about British food that we like.
Here's mine: Once, when I was in Scotland, I ordered a pizza from a fish & chips shop.
I think this will be the healthiest option available on the menu.
However, the guy who served me just took a frozen pizza from the fridge and threw it directly into the frying oil.
When the pizza finally floated to the water, he left it over and put it in some old papers and handed it to me. Mmmm!
But wait a minute.
In the past 10 to 15 years, great progress has been made in British cooking.
Due to the arrival of low-cost airlines, more and more Britons travel abroad, so they have realized that there is delicious cooking in France, Spain, Germany and Italy.
Supermarkets in the UK now have a wide range of international fresh ingredients.
On the other positive side, we Brits are always more adventurous when trying foreign food, so you will find that there are authentic Indian, Chinese, Italian and Thai food on almost every street in the UK.
Besides, many "stomachs
The "bar" has recently become popular, offering nutritious British cuisine with the best quality ingredients.
So don't be afraid to eat in the UK and look forward to being able to taste such a wide range of international options!
The second myth: "The weather is too bad!
Very simple, it depends on where you are from!
If you live in France or southern Italy, then, yes, the UK may be colder and more wet than where you come from.
Most people who come to live in Britain from these countries actually notice that Britain is much richer than their home country.
However, if you are from Siberia, then it is clear that you will see an improvement in the weather you have found in the UK.
Bring the right clothes for rainy and windy weather, remember July may be one of the wettest months.
Fortunately, you won't go home as a Spanish student recently reported: "I 've been in the UK for two weeks and only had one rain, but it was the first day it never stopped. . .
English is cold and unfriendly.
Yes, you will notice the contrast between the Brits you meet at 8 in the city center.
30 hours on Monday morning, you will meet in the street after 11: 00 in the evening.
Obviously the first one will rush to work on time and now the weekend is over and the spirit won't be good.
However, the latter mood will be completely different and may greet you like his long-lost lover!
Alcohol will play a big role in this warm and friendly social contrast.
(See next myth below for more details ).
It does take time to have an Englishman relax and open at the first meeting, but once they overcome their initial shyness, they will be friends for your life.
English people always drink too much. Well, yes, OK.
Let's be honest here.
Unlike most French, Italian and Spanish, the specific purpose of drinking alcohol in most Britons is to get drunk, which is absolutely correct.
The resulting happy and loud behavior is seen as "having fun" and "just having fun ".
There is still a line, however, and anyone who crosses it will certainly be told by others.
It is not considered strange or shameful for women to drink too much, while in southern European culture women drinking is considered taboo.
(Said the next morning) \ "I think I ate too much last night!
(In a family barbecue, roll down a garden chair on the beautiful grass and say) "Oops!
I think I should be slower.
After throwing up at midnight on the floor of the last bus home) \ "Hey!
I'm sorry.
I must have had a drink. Beware.
Don't try to drink like your British friend and avoid the last bus home at midnight!
The British are so polite and respectful. Yes?
Do you really think so?
OK, so try to test this theory by pushing it to the front of the queue. Any queue!
You will soon find that the British public believes that the queue is more aggressive and evil than the Holocaust murderer.
Also, driving during rush hour is hardly a "gentleman's club ".
There may be a lot of people waving, smiling and nodding when people generously allow others to enter the traffic flow, but you try to push your path with Italian style, you will soon learn a lot of rather unpleasant English gestures. . .
But most importantly, come to the UK and be prepared to experience a country that is happier than laughing at itself.
Like everyone else in the world, we are curious about the lives and cultural differences of other countries in English.
If you can be prepared for this and are happy to see the fun side of your own national habits, you will be well integrated and have a great time!
More importantly, the British will immediately extend a warm welcome to you and welcome you into the circle of their lives and friends.
But remember: Never thought about queuing.
No matter how old or sick you are, this is not cricket!
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