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5 Big Blocks That Can Keep You Stuck... and Broke - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-27
5 Big Blocks That Can Keep You Stuck... and Broke  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
You may feel it sometimes, don't you? That nagging. . .
Why is this not working?
What's going on with this? Is it just me?
Am I right? . . .
If these problems are bothering you, then it is likely that you are dealing with at least one of the five main obstacles that can best stop you --
Meaning, talented and amazing entrepreneurs on their track.
So, let's take these blocks down. . . 1) Fear -
The thing about fear is that we can be fully aware of it and often have no idea at all how it destroys our efforts.
This can be fear of success, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of what people think of us, fear of leaving others.
As entrepreneurs, we can be afraid of many, many things. when we don't put them in the sun and start solving them, we can continue to turn our wheels and get nothing. 2) Habits -
Some habits serve us, while others do not.
The habit of not serving us can not only affect our business, but also our lives.
Deeply influencing our habits can be derived from thinking habits (how do you react when things don't develop as you plan or expect?
What are you thinking when you talk to someone about your service or follow someone?
And our daily habits, from how we spend our time, the language we use to talk about ourselves, the other people we 've been working on, our experiences and behaviors, we know that they do not serve our higher interests. e.
Too much TV, social media or internet access, unhealthy addictions, delays, etc.
Agreement of faith and subconscious
Of course, the old faith and subconscious agreements that no longer serve us are the main reasons for the many obstacles we have just mentioned.
We don't even realize these beliefs and agreements, but they drive every decision we make and what we are willing to accept in life.
Of course, this can be done from the partners we choose, the businesses we enter, the houses we live in, and the friends and peers around us.
4) lack of focus and clarity
These days, we can get so much information that it is often impossible to decide where to start. . .
Especially when you start a business.
When we have this kind of information overload, it paralyzes us and is unable to take any action because we are in the mode of self-speculation and have not made a clear decision. . . ARGHHH!
Do it alone.
So you will think that with this information, you can piece together all the information and make good things happen.
Trust me, Brian and I are trying to do this on our own, and we won't get the wisdom and support we desperately need until we are really on the brink of disaster.
Because we all put so much emotion into our own business, it's hard (if not impossible ). See clearly what the next steps and opportunities are before us to build our business.
Your real task is to take a mat and pen out (or feel comfortable with a laptop), browse through these 5 blocks and see if any of them may affect you, and if you're in
Ask yourself how you might stop yourself by allowing one (or more) of these obstacles to block the life you really desire and do something meaningful, the passionate work you want to do in the world.
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