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1920s antique hand-painted english bone china set Family Heirlooms Are Perfect Family Gifts

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
1920s antique hand-painted english bone china set Family Heirlooms Are Perfect Family Gifts
What is the heirloom of your home.
Biography heir is not necessarily a valuable painting or antique, but be sure to say something about your ancestral or family heritage.
Although some people are lucky to have great
Aunt Sadie did it.
In each case, the real pleasure of preaching heir is that it helps bring back family stories and memories, and has a clear connection with the ancestors who have long passed away.
Can you imagine your ancestors sitting down for dinner in 1875 and sitting on a table with the China you are now using for Thanksgiving dinner? old-
Listen to her favorite Arthur Godfrey Show and hook up her good job?
Like many grandparents who came to this country in early 1900 to seek wealth, my husband and I did not inherit anything of great monetary value. .
The whole history of this Stan has been lost, but we believe that it belonged to my husband's great-grandfather in the first place and was eventually passed on to his mother.
It is now located in a special place in our home, not because it is worth a lot of money, but because it reminds him of his German tradition, it reminds him of his mother, parents and grandparents.
One day, one of our sons will have it and will cherish it because it is special for their father and a familiar sight in our home.
Do you have an old quilt made by Grandma, or a special photo of the day the parents got married?
Or maybe your precious property is the silver spoon your father gave him when he was born, or the sewing basket of your grandmother?
These souvenirs are a tangible reminder of your family heritage as well as individuals and characters in your family tree.
As important as the biography of heir of several generations, for your family, this is the very special thing of the first generation.
This may be a wedding gift or a christening gift you receive, or it may be a painting painted by your family.
Perhaps a collection of statues, Christmas decorations or handmade crafts purchased during a special holiday trip.
Our kids gave us the clock on our 25 th anniversary of our wedding.
I think this is a biography of heir, hoping that the children or grandchildren who inherit it will remember its history and our long and happy marriage.
Other "new" biography heir includes the China I painted and the cradle my husband made for the first child of each of our sons.
Maybe you have collected some dishes or special dishes that you often use on Christmas Day.
Or do you make pottery, paint watercolors, or do you especially like pewter?
Some of these items have been living in your home for many years and they have become part of your family heritage and will be valued by your children and grandchildren as they belong to you.
It's a bit shocking to realize that you suddenly become an "old generation.
I have been a grandmother for 26 years, but suddenly I feel like a grandmother.
And the tradition of my grandson.
In addition to values and traditions, I would now also like to be the one to pass on some heir, although I can enjoy the response from the recipient and also pass on the stories that come with the item.
Christmas or milestone birthday, graduation or wedding is a good time to pass on new or old biography heir?
Sometimes it's not easy to separate from something precious, even if it's been out of the house for generations, but think about it, if your child or grandson receives a special piece of jewelry or a Hummel from your collection, what does that mean to them.
An old friend of mine has a lot of interesting, very old items at home.
Some have stayed at home for generations and some have been collected by herself.
One year she decided not to buy a Christmas present.
Instead, she picked a special item from home for each family member: an old butter mixer, an antique clock, a handmade quilt, a frame embroidery or a piece
She wrote a short history of the project and included it in the gift.
Her family is happy and I think it's an excellent way to make sure special items are delivered to the intended recipient.
Is this your year?
Will this be your year to start streamlining your property while making your loved ones very happy?
Will your son get a German tank from dad?
Or his high school ring?
Will your daughter get a hand-painted porcelain vase or a ring?
Maybe your granddaughter will like a doll from your childhood?
If you decide to pass your biography heir to them now, be sure to write a letter to them to tell them the history of some of the items.
The story is easy to lose through word of mouth, but a short written history tells the original owner that any other information can be saved in the item when it is received, make it more meaningful.
Next year, I will give some special biography heir for graduation and wedding gifts. How about you?
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