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18 Types Of People You See At Restaurants - the dishes restaurant galway

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
18 Types Of People You See At Restaurants  -  the dishes restaurant galway
We all enjoyed a great meal at the restaurant and the food, atmosphere and other diners made the meal memorable.
But sometimes we are not so lucky when it comes to other customers around us.
There are also some very annoying diners.
Let's find them.
The biggest restaurant!
Bawabet Dimashq is the world's largest restaurant, also known as the Damascus Gate restaurant in Damascus, Syria.
It can accommodate about 6,000 people, with nearly 1,800 people employed during peak periods.
Enjoy the mouth-watering prawns in a luxurious restaurant, accompanied by an inviting drink, which is a wonderful experience;
One can sit quietly and eat all day.
Everyone likes to eat out once in a while, but your pleasant evening or afternoon can be a nightmare for the few annoying people you meet at the restaurant.
The restaurant is a truly unique place;
They showed a cross.
Part of society.
You will meet a variety of characters and personalities, from the quiet eating of lonely people to a group of crazy people who will do almost everything they can to spoil your humble attempts to dine calmly.
These people are both annoying and fun, and we get these stereotypes every time we go out for dinner.
So, these are the 18 types of people you may meet in a restaurant. Ohh!
You will be sure to find them in every restaurant.
They will be the first to enter and the last to leave.
Getting food orders from them is a daunting task, as apparently the two lovebirds cannot move their eyes off each other.
They don't want any distance between them, so they'll sit together and let everyone know how much they love them!
They are fully aware of the art of feeding their partner while speaking through their eyes.
They came alone and left alone.
Most of the time, you'll see people like this reading a book, a newspaper, or working on a laptop while eating.
If it's a staff member then you just have to put up with him/her for half an hour because of his lunch time.
These people don't make a fuss about what they want, and of course you won't be disturbed by their presence.
They are 24x7 on their phones, so it's not surprising that they will access their smartphones even when eating.
In fact, they stick to their phones and sometimes forget about each other's existence.
If you are sitting at a table next to this person, you will be forced to hear their financial and personal problems as they tend to speak loudly on the phone.
As soon as the food arrives on their desk, the camera or mobile phone will come out and they will start to click and leave.
They believe in capturing every moment of life, so food is no exception.
Also, they use many camera apps and photo filters that you may not know about.
They are like Satan's own sa mad army and will not let you eat peacefully.
The laughter of these ladies will surely shake the four corners of the restaurant.
They are either drunk or just having a good time, but they will definitely take away your peace and quiet time.
If any waiter advises them to eat meat or fry or fatten, they shoot a dagger out of their eyes.
Yes, we are talking about people with strong health awareness who eat salads almost all their lives.
They would order a salad as their starter and main course.
If they are with someone, they will even try to convince each other to start eating healthily.
These people have the knack of smoking and eating at the same time.
Their area is full of smoke as if they were planning to cover the entire restaurant with smoke.
They are very irritating and can even make the garden or the open air --
The Air restaurant feels like a gas room.
Looking at them, you will question their existence, who does not like food?
They will make a fuss about everything else orders.
"I don't eat fries", "I'm allergic to garlic", "I hate salads" and the list continues.
They may place five orders before canceling the order again.
They find it difficult to finish the food on the plate, and if they don't order it, you will often find them making faces.
For any couple who intend to end the relationship, the restaurant seems to be the most convenient place.
One obvious advantage is that girls/men cannot openly create scenes.
But there are also people who forget that they are sitting in the restaurant.
You often see one person or another crying, shouting and the other trying to keep them quiet.
It could also be that two people verbally abused and screamed at each other.
It could be a rather interesting scene, a bit sadistic, especially if their breakup involves betrayal.
There are laptops and many electronic devices scattered on their desks.
Apparently they were very busy, so a lunch meeting was organized.
Humans are outstanding in multitasking, and this is one of the best examples.
They like to entertain others with their loud voice and a lot of silly tricks they learn from somewhere.
It can be dancing in the seat or children playing with their food.
Their table was filled with all kinds of wine and empty glasses.
Either they are very upset or there is nothing else to do.
You often see them forgotten and ask the waiter to give them another round of what they drink.
Not to mention their favorite response to "you don't know who I am" means don't mix up with me when the waiter refuses to provide them with more drinks. Selfie-
How can we not mention these people?
Once their table is filled with delicious food, they will start taking selfies and may click on at least 50 selfies.
Their only mantra is to take selfies while eating from all possible angles.
Half of their food was spit on the table or on clothes.
These people who are struggling to get food into their mouths constantly ask the waiter to bring them a new napkin every time there is something on the shirt.
He/she will be the only person in the group to try something new on the menu, something new, they are even ready to try everything creepy.
He is the only person in the group who has studied the restaurant menu.
God knows what they are hostile to pottery, or their fingers are slippery.
You will be sure to find at least one person who breaks the crockery, or the tableware has to slip from their hands.
You will either see a face of apology or the "I don't care attitude" of that person ". Self-
Maybe he is the only person in the group who can tell all the ingredients in the food.
For the rest of the time, they will only talk about how to use other ingredients to prepare the same dish.
They tried and tested every dish on the menu and indirectly appreciated their own cooking style.
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