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13 Facts About Blobfish: The Ugliest Fish in the Ocean - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
13 Facts About Blobfish: The Ugliest Fish in the Ocean  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Stand aside and make way for ugliness because the animal image is aesthetic --
Known as the ugliest fish in the ocean.
Activists are often caught in fishing nets as sub-catches, and now they are worried that this blobfish is on the verge of extinction due to deep-sea fishocean trawling.
People are right. we now know more about the Earth's moon than the deepest part of our ocean.
The living conditions here are extremely bad, the light is scarce, and the water is under thunderous pressure;
However, this area is home to some of the most interesting creatures living on our planet.
Blobfish is one of the members of deep-sea fish clan.
Adapt to the harsh environment, deep
As we all know, sea fish has formed some very unique and interesting features, and blobfish is no exception.
Water Drop fish (Psychrolutes marcidus) is a deep-sea fish belonging to the family of Psychrolutidae.
They are mainly distributed in deep waters off the coast of Australia and Tasmania, as well as in New Zealand.
Blobfish lives deep between 600 and 1,200, where the pressure is several gaps higher than the sea level.
Therefore, this fish is rarely found.
Because there is no muscle in the body, the spotted fish looks like meat
Floating in colored glue-like "spots" near the bottom of the sea ".
It sometimes has amazing similarities to the eyes, lips, and strange faceslarge nose.
Unlike other marine life, blobfish lacks a gas bladder that maintains buoyancy.
Its glue-like body and low density allow it to float in higher density water. The near-
No skeleton and jelly-
Under the great pressure of the deep sea, the body is the only way to sustain life.
Because of lack of muscle, few people in blobfish know that it will move.
This quality with other deep-
As we all know, marine life can save energy, which is the basic requirement under harsh conditions.
These fish do not usually hunt.
They simply hover around and open their mouths and suck in tiny edible particles that float through.
Their diet mainly includes
Marine shellfish
Blobfish is considered unedible and not caught for food.
However, it does face an excessive threat.
Fishing, as it thrive in the same habitat as edible bottom-layer trawlers such as crabs and lobsters, has led fishermen to accidentally pick it up.
Little is known about these fish and little is known about their life cycle.
Follow the usual deep-
If the life of marine life is not shortened unnaturally, blobfish may live for decades.
Blobfish has become the focus for its very unusual features that resemble a miserable person.
Its body is strangely shaped, its head is decorated with a huge nose and frown, and its small and sad eyes make it the most unique --
Looking for marine life in the world.
Because of its low density, blobfish seems to make a big difference when taken out of the water, it is similar to a glue-like block, not a fish.
However, if a person is placed in a deep sea environment, the pressure will definitely cause his bones to be crushed and leave something mushy
Like Mass in the back.
In 2013, blobfish was named the ugliest animal in the world ".
It later became the mascot of the Ugly Animal Protection Association, an "initiative dedicated to improving the more beautiful image of some mother nature"
Challenge children ".
Keep in mind, though, that blobfish will only be ugly when moving from Habitat.
In the deep sea, it looks like an ordinary fish and definitely does not fit the status of "the ugliest animal.
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