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11 Clever Uses for Tea Leaves beyond Making Beverages - how to make porcelain dinnerware

by:Two Eight     2019-09-15
11 Clever Uses for Tea Leaves beyond Making Beverages  -  how to make porcelain dinnerware
In addition to helping to brew a relaxing and refreshing drink, tea leaves are incredibly useful in family, outdoor, health, beauty, decor and more.
Wet tea bags can be stored for up to one day at room temperature;
However, if you want them to last longer, refrigerate them to prevent the growth of bacteria.
Then you can't freeze them indefinitely, so throw them away if you find them smell bad.
Put the tea leaves in warm water for 5 minutes, filter, add sugar and stir until it is dissolved in the water and then tender on the hard meat.
Use flavored tea bags for pasta, rice, oatmeal, soup, broth, ice
Cream, milk, juice, cream, juice, sauce, dessert, etc.
Use various forms of tea as a stirring seasoning
Fried dishes, desserts, cakes, puddings, biscuits, pots, pastries, egg dishes, fish, etc.
Dip a towel in the freshly brewed tea and wipe the dirty stains on the wood floor and furniture to help them maintain their natural color.
Black tea is used on light wood as dark wood and green tea.
Use the freshly brewed strong tea to wipe the grease and stripes on the mirrors and windows to make them shine.
You can wipe the rust on the iron with thick black tea.
You can also remove dry, hard food stains with them.
Soak the tea bag in the warm water of the sink and place it on a dirty plate.
This helps to remove grease easily.
You can sprinkle the soaked tea on the carpet and carpet for deodorization.
Let them dry and vacuum the dry leaves.
Tea is a wonderful sum in the smell.
Keep the tea bags fresh in the fridge.
Dry tea bags are placed in the shoes to remove odor.
Wipe the wet tea bag on your hands to remove the offensive smell of garlic and onions.
Tea is widely used as a dye for vintage fashion.
Soak the fabric in freshly brewed seasoning tea and let them dye in the color you choose.
Make antique cards and dye paper in brewed, cooled tea leaves.
Seasoning tea can also be used for arts and crafts projects.
Use tea liquid colors such as red, brown, black, green, yellow.
Of various colors.
Place a frozen tea bag to soothe sunburned skin.
Put them on the fluffy eyes to get rid of the things below
Eye bags and dark circles.
Naturally dye your hair with brewed strong tea.
It can also be used as a natural conditioner for dry hair.
Remove white hair from tea brewed with fresh herbs.
Soak the tea bag in a bucket of water and remove the bacteria and stench with your feet.
Use cold tea and salt as an effective hand scrub.
Soak tea in hot water for steam bath;
Chamomile tea is a good choice.
Tea and Sugar can be used as natural facial scrubs.
Tea is also a natural toner and helps to remove blemishes.
Soak the fragrant tea bag in the water and treat it with self-made, natural, antioxidant and Bath.
Green tea can soothe the skin and eliminate acne, wrinkles and age spots.
Tea can also be used in conjunction with sweeteners and other elements to prepare homemade soap.
The used tea leaves can be mixed with the covering to prepare fertilizer for the rose bush.
Soak tea bags in water for plants;
It is the natural protector of fungal infection.
When planting new plants, place used tea bags at the bottom.
It helps to provide nutrition for plants.
Pour the strong tea on the compost pile to help break down and produce useful bacteria to produce rich compost.
Wet tea bags help relieve razor burns and injection sites.
They can also be used on boiled water, overnight to help discharge the liquid.
Hot tea bags can be used to remove infections from severe blisters.
Dry the poison ivy rash with brewed black tea.
Compress almost any bite using tea bags
Mosquitoes, insects, insects, bees, etc.
Can also be used for the treatment of genital warts.
Seasoning tea and salt can be used as natural mouthwash.
It can also be used to relieve toothache and bleeding gums.
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