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10 Restaurants with River or Scenic View in Washington DC, Northern Virginia area - restaurants with only three dishes per night

by:Two Eight     2019-09-24
10 Restaurants with River or Scenic View in Washington DC, Northern Virginia area  -  restaurants with only three dishes per night
Great food for a lot of people.
Show visitors the beautiful city skyline and vibrant seaside places.
Northwest, suite 100ongingtondc201-944-
4200 this is a great place to dine in historic Georgetown, especially when the weather is good. River.
You will be able to enjoy the views of the river and the nearby Kennedy Center, which is great in the evening.
This is a trendy place, and the weekend and happy hour can get very crowded.
If drinking is your business, have a drink in a happy hour.
From lamb pie to flatbread pizza, it's almost eclectic.
So it can easily accommodate the crowd.
(Above location A) 3000 Street, Northwest, Washington, DC-5109 202-333-
Spectacular views of Potomac.
The price is a bit expensive.
Place or go for Sunday brunch. St. 202-234-
In the heart of Washington, DC, it's close to the Omni Shoreham Hotel.
This is a new restaurant.
American cooking, a well
The service staff were very attentive. is a must.
(Above location C) dc2000 4 515, 202 Northwest 15 Street, Washington, DC-661-
Hotel Washington.
The hotel turned into a stylish rooftop lounge.
Overlooking the Treasury city from the roof. velvet rope. A-
The list bar is very unusual for Washington DC.
Go one night of the season.
The elbow of a celebrity or two
(Above location D) DC20024, 650 Southwest Water Street, Washington-2422 202-554-Channel.
If you can, you won't be disappointed to get there at sunset. Street.
Southwest Washington
The hotel offers free parking for 2 hours and several restaurants on Maine Avenue.
(Above location E) 600 Water Street, Southwest Washington, DC-866-404-
Dinner on the Odyssey cruise.
The Memorial Hall is amazing.
The food is not extra-ordinary; very nice.
With live music, you can really have a romantic evening.
Dinner and midnight cruise from the southwest coast.
Enjoy a full meal on the cruise including appetizers, main courses©Dessert.
(Location F on the map above)
Visit the rooftop terrace restaurant and bar at the top of the Kennedy entrance. two-
This restaurant has special business hours so check in early.
Sunday brunch is the best choice. Nations.
You can take a free shuttle bus from the foggy subway station.
Most people come here to enjoy the scenery 2000.
And the spires of the National Cathedral.
The plane turned the bank into a national airport.
This restaurant is better than the restaurant in the lobby of the Holiday Inn.
Additionally, free parking is available.
Not far from the old road, you can often find a seat where you can see the beautiful scenery.
The bar is a great place to have a few drinks with friends.
Roslyn metro station.
The food is fair.
Alexander, VA22314-3250 703-684-reservation.
Overlooking the old town wharf of Alexandria. are lovely.
This is a good place for lunch.
At the Torpedo Factory.
The food was always good and the service staff were attentive.
Friendly to childrenMaryland. 301-965-4000.
The old town of Alexandria.
The Gaylord Atrium Hotel is a hotel worth visiting. River. Food is good;
But the price is high.
Treat, go to the hotel during the day, buy snacks from takeout
The counter leaves the atrium and eats at a table in the atrium. dancing water. view.
After dinner, take a walk along the promenade by the river.
Known as the statue of awakening.
This is a great place for people to watch.
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