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10 mexican foods tourists should try on holiday in mexico ... - best mexican dishes at restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-23
10 mexican foods tourists should try on holiday in mexico ...  -  best mexican dishes at restaurants
As we all know, Mexican dishes are rich in flavor and spicy and colorful.
Mexican is said to be a mix of Spanish and Chinese dishes.
Eastern Mexico and local cooking style.
Mexican cuisine is also known for using many of the country's unique local spices.
Traveling to Mexico allows you to see a variety of possibilities for Mexican cuisine.
Here are a list of some of the best Mexican dishes that should be tried while on vacation in Mexico. 1.
Sunday or Sheperd with crispy fried tortillas is the best dish to eat and you will find tacos in Mexico.
This dish is made from a pack of pork, beef or chicken, seasoned with spittle in open fire.
After the meat is cooked, it is served with cornflakes, onions, lime, pineapple, coriander and salsa. 2.
These spicy treats are corn tortillas filled with chicken, cream, white cheese and green salsa. 3. Torta Cubana -
These Cuban sandwiches are made of avocado, beans and mayonnaise.
This is the favorite of the locals. 4. Pozole -
This is a traditional Mexican dish.
Date of Spanish occupation of Mexico.
Pozole is cooked and stewed with corn porridge.
Pozole is usually eaten with some radishes, lime, oregano, peppers, lettuce and onions. 5.
American tortillas-
This is a tortillas made of meat, Mexican sausage, salsa and potatoes.
These tortillas are very similar to the American version of the tortillas and are often served in tourist hotspots. 6. Mole -
Mole is a sauce that is usually used with other dishes such as chicken, barbecue and pepper.
It is a complex sauce consisting of a variety of spices and unique ingredients, including different kinds of pepper and a little chocolate. 7.
These Arabic tortillas are made in a process similar to that of the Arab shawaras.
The marinated meat is cooked on the spit and then carved, chopped or cut into small pieces.
Then put the meat in the pita bread or soft tortillas. 8. Tamales -
Tamales can be made from a variety of ingredients such as meat, sausage, salsa and even pineapple.
Wrapped in corn or banana leaves. 9. Chilaquiles -
Grilled tortillas topped with salsa, cream and chicken nuggets. 10. Esquites -
Esquites is a corn street snack served in a cup with mayonnaise, peppers, epazote and lime.
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