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Zambrero's upcoming burrito bonanza - mexican restaurant menu side dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Zambrero\'s upcoming burrito bonanza  -  mexican restaurant menu side dishes
Opening of Mexican restaurant franchisexa0Zambrero in Launceston is approaching, state operations managerxa0Stuart Churton said business had been planned a lot on this important day.
"We will get the handover from the builder on Thursday afternoon, and then from Friday to Monday, we train with all the staff to open on Tuesday," he said . ".
This will be the third store in the state of Tasmania, and seven more are opening and will hire about 30 staff members from Launceston
Churton said he had always wanted to own a Mexican restaurant, which was attracted by the national brand zambroo because of its social awareness.
"Our slogan is 'Mexico has a mission, 'and our mission is to stop world hunger by aligning with food . . . . . . Every burrito or bowl we sell, we say now.
"It's a young, fresh, trendy brand and it feels great. . .
All our uniforms. xa0Our cutlery and packaging are all from recycled plastic. xa0It's biodegradable, and that's the whole range of it.
On the opening day, the restaurant will give 1000 burritos at 12 noon.
"You have to queue up early,xa0At Hobart, we had people out on the way to the mall, and at Devonport, we lined up on the way, "Mr. Churton said.
Franchisees plan to open two more restaurants in 2016xa0Sandy Bay and Muna in the southern part of the statexa0It eventually has more than 200 employees.
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