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What is the Job of a Kitchen Steward? - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
What is the Job of a Kitchen Steward?  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
Your kitchen Butler work plays a very important role in the catering industry.
It can be said that you are the backbone of the industry and the catering industry will be difficult to function properly without a kitchen administrator.
However, to provide quality service to the catering industry, you must be a very responsible and diligent employee.
You must also be very efficient and organized.
After all, the catering industry relies on efficiency and diligence to provide 100% satisfaction to its customers.
Having said that, what is the job of the kitchen Butler and how can he make an impact on the industry?
In terms of kitchen supplies, appliances and equipment, the biggest job of the kitchen attendant is to ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining area.
This includes not only the place itself, but also every kitchen item that comes in contact with the guest's mouth.
These are, of course, silverware and glassware.
All items in contact with food should also be given the greatest attention in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, including tableware as well as pots and crockery.
When it comes to storing kitchen items, he must ensure that they are properly stored in place to prevent breakage.
Proper detergent was used when cleaning and cleaning kitchen items, and it was the responsibility of the kitchen attendant to ensure that he used the right detergent in the right quantity.
At the same time, he must also ensure that the correct disinfectant is used to ensure that the kitchen items are disinfected.
Finally, ensuring that all kitchen equipment and appliances are in good working condition is also the job of the kitchen Butler.
If he notices that a machine is not working properly, it is his responsibility to advise his direct electronic supervisor on this issue in order to resolve the issue immediately.
The most special thing is that the dishwasher needs to be particularly careful because it is one of the kitchen items that are often used.
In the above-mentioned kitchen area, the work of the kitchen Butler is also to keep the work area, kitchen and dining area clean.
He had to make sure the floor was clean, and on top of that, he had to make sure the walls and ceiling were clean.
This also includes cleaning windows, doors, glass windows, tables, etc.
The rooms also include a seating area and reception.
In order to prevent the accident, he must ensure that the floor is kept dry at all times, and for the same purpose he must also ensure that there are no obstacles, such as cartons, on the sidewalk.
In addition to all of the above duties, the inventory of kitchen supplies is also part of the Department of Management.
This includes correctly calculating all kitchen items such as silverware, cutlery, glassware, pots, crockery, cutlery, etc.
Any loss or damage to any kitchen item should be recorded immediately and reported to the direct supervisor.
In terms of waste management, another job for the kitchen Butler is to dump the garbage.
However, this responsibility is not just to collect and dump the garbage in the bin, but to divide the garbage into wet and dry garbage and then dispose of it appropriately.
On top of that, he also has the responsibility to make sure the bin area is clean to prevent rodents and pests from turning the area into their home.
Responsible for the self, others and guests of all kitchens --
Relevant duties and responsibility, especially the maintenance of cleaning and hygiene, the kitchen attendant must also ensure that he is kept clean all the time.
This includes not only wearing the appropriate department uniform during working hours, but also personal hygiene and cleaning.
Speaking of his collages and other staff at the restaurant, he must always be respectful and polite.
He must treat others with a professional attitude, especially the guests.
After all, the kitchen Butler is with the name of the restaurant, so he should always respect the responsibility of the good name of the protection agency.
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