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what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants All About Korean Food – Barbecue, Banchan, Cold Noodles, Mixed Rice, and More

by:Two Eight     2019-08-18
what are the most common side dishes at chicken restaurants All About Korean Food – Barbecue, Banchan, Cold Noodles, Mixed Rice, and More
People who like spicy food will like Korean food.
People who don't eat spicy food will also like Korean food.
There are many different types of food in this East Asian country, fresh seafood, barbecue, side dishes, noodles, rice, tofu soup and so on.
Read on and learn more about Korean food.
Korean people think barbecue is one of their favorite food.
This barbecue includes a variety of different meats, seafood and vegetables.
The most common barbecue is called the samgyeopsal gui, a pickled pork belly similar to bacon.
The meat is also the most common and cheapest in the restaurant.
If you like the fat pork with the perfect barbecue, slightly burnt, you won't be able to stop eating this delicious bacon and tobacco.
Dip in the special sauce in the restaurant and you will feel heavy.
If you are a beef lover like me, you will be in heaven.
Korean BBQ offers a variety of beef, whether marinated or served as is.
Galbi or beef short rib is one of the most classic barbecue beef in Korean restaurants.
Be sure to buy high quality galbi with evenly distributed fat.
After Gabby is cooked to medium rare, the meat will melt in your mouth.
The price of cattle bris is a little cheaper.
However, it is equally amazing.
The sliced cow bris is cooked quickly and melts in your mouth.
During the search for marinated beef, bulgogi was soaked in a slightly sweet Korean pickled beef.
Don't like meat?
Don't worry, in a typical Korean barbecue restaurant, seafood such as shrimp or baby octopus is available.
There are vegetables.
Better than all the food cooked during the barbecue.
You have endless side dishes to eat!
Take a look at the next incredible item on this list. Banchan -
All Korean restaurants offer a variety of side dishes and main courses.
These are collectively called Banchan.
The upscale restaurant offers a wide range of banchan and entrees.
These are really good because you can taste a little bit of everything in a meal.
What I like most is spicy cucumber, spicy radish and fried vegetables. ©Ed fish cake and marinated seaweed.
Crispy slices of cucumber, marinated with spicy sauce;
Very refreshing and delicious.
Another of my favorite classes is called Gyeran Jjim, a Korean-style casserole that is hot.
It is made of beaten eggs, water, scallions and other ingredients.
This place is especially suitable for the cold winter, because it can warm your stomach and eat more delicious food.
What's better than these side dishes?
You don't have to pay.
The restaurant provides you with unlimited side dishes and a main course for you.
Every Korean meal has a Zen class called kimchi.
Many people are familiar with this Banchan because it is widely used.
However, for those who have not tried this before, it is spicy, garlicky and crispy.
It can be eaten with a variety of different foods.
For example, it can be eaten with the meat in the barbecue or seasoned with a clear soup.
Korean cold noodles are Korean favorites in summer.
There are many different kinds of cold noodles available in the restaurant.
People who like spicy food can enjoy special hospitality.
Even for those who don't like spicy foods, there are other kinds of cold noodles without spicy sauce.
My personal favorite is Bim naengmyion, a thin buckwheat noodle with no broth with a spicy sauce.
The noodles are delicious, rich and spicy. The non-
The spicy version is also good.
The buckwheat noodles are served in a cold meat soup of vinegar (with ice) with fresh cucumber slices, marinated radishes and a piece of beef. Make non
The spicy cold noodles are more fragrant, adding hot mustard to them, adding flavor.
In the hot summer, Korean cold noodles are a real enjoyment.
Korean tofu with seafood and meat with rice.
A popular Korean restaurant offering only seafood, meat or mushroom stewed tofu.
In addition to the stew, they served you a bowl of hot white rice.
This food is especially suitable for winter as it makes you feel warm.
This is a great dish for those who like to eat spicy food as it does heat up.
However, even for those who don't like any spicy food, you can reduce the level of spicy or ask for a clear soup.
There are many Korean mixed rice with different vegetables, eggs, rice and beef.
This dish is very healthy because there are a lot of fresh vegetables here.
The color is also very beautiful.
From the appearance and taste, the bibimbap is very delicious.
For those who like their food spicy, you can add more chili sauce to the restaurant.
There are two versions of bibimbap.
One is prepared in the iron plate hot pot, which will make the rice at the bottom a bit crispy.
This is very hot. it is very suitable for winter.
If you want to eat this dish in the summer, the other version just mixes all the ingredients in a plain stainless steel bowl.
Both of them are good, depending on your mood.
Do you think it's a bit risky?
Dried Ginger ge raw pickled crab.
Yes, this dish is raw.
It is one of the most expensive and luxurious dishes in Korea.
Some say this is one of the best food ever tasted.
When you go to an upscale restaurant that runs this dish in Korea, crabs will have a lot of eggs.
In addition, Koreans like to mix rice with crabs on the shell.
Zhang Chengze is known as the "meter thief" in South Korea ".
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