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uses of tea towel - - can you towel dry dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-08-24
uses of tea towel -  -  can you towel dry dishes in a restaurant
The tea towel is a special towel used to dry dishes and other kitchen utensils after washing.
Tea towels are widely used around the world and are usually used as a decoration for the kitchen.
Tea towels should be distinguished from wet cloth or cloth.
The rag is used to clean the counter and table after use, they are wet and can remove stains.
Tea towels are more or less clean and dry.
They are used to wipe dishes to prevent food from piling upup of bacteria.
Keep cleaning the rag to prevent food from piling upup of bacteria.
The tea towel after use may be hung up to dry and does not need to be cleaned every day.
Tea towels are used not only for drying, but also for covering the teapot to maintain heat.
They are also used to cover food and trays to prevent dirt from polluting food.
Due to its extensive use, tea towels are made with decorations to add to the beauty of the kitchen, not the ordinary one.
It is usually made of linen to avoid scratches on delicate items and plates.
Tea towels are usually cotton, which can absorb moisture better and dry faster.
Tea towels are designed with embroidery, paint or certain linen patterns.
Tea towels are usually made in the size of hand towels to make them more convenient when drying dishes and utensils.
Tea towels are very popular in Ireland and Britain. they like to drink tea.
Tea towels are used to cover tea plates to prevent heat loss.
Ireland and the UK are also very popular as they sell duck towels as souvenirs with a lot of great designs.
Women in Britain
Embroider their tea towels according to their preference.
Women have not even embroidered their monarchs on tea towels.
Due to the wide use of tea towel decorations in China, it is one of the favorite places to buy tea towels.
Others will not use tea towels for their intended use;
Instead, they bought it as a collection for the kitchen.
These collectible tea towels also use many exquisite linens.
Ordinary tea towels are usually used for drying, and designer tea towels are used to cover food and goods.
In some cultures, tea towels are only used to wipe dishes, using the simplest hand towels.
However, in countries such as Ireland and the UK, tea towels have become decorative items in the kitchen and have made tea more fashionable.
Tea towels have been used since the early days, from slaves in the kitchen to decorative items.
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