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the dish restaurant address Zeke's closes it doors after 10 years

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
the dish restaurant address Zeke\'s closes it doors after 10 years
Zeke was reported at Metairie's restaurant in the 2011 episode of the Fox reality show kitchen nightmare and was attacked and then remodeled from the show host, chef Gordon Ramsey
The original owner, Zeke, opened the restaurant at 1517 Metelli Road. in 2002.
Shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2006, he died, and the new owners, Daryl, and Alan corello, took over here.
On my way home and on my way to work, I passed Zeke many times.
I recently watched the episode of Kitchen Nightmare and decided to see what has changed with chef Ramsey since my last visit in 2008.
When I walked into this newly renovated restaurant, I felt like I was entering a completely different space.
The former Zeke found himself old and boring, but the new version had an antique Southern style.
Owner Ellen cortillo adds a nice feeling to the guests in the restaurant and greets the customers.
In previous visits, the menu was complex and lacked focus.
The new menu at Zeke is simple but special.
We had my favorite appetizer.
Fried green tomato
This is the best version I have so far.
For my center. ©I decided to try the pecans.
I was curious about the dish because chef Ramsey repeated the original recipe on the show.
I must admit that this is the first time I have eaten catfish in a long time.
Living in New Orleans, I should eat almost every day, but it was a great experience.
The taste of this dish comes from the world.
The waiter was very careful and timed out every course.
Overall, the atmosphere at the Zeke Hotel was calm.
Recently, I called to book lunch;
Sadly, the owners can no longer afford the start-up and run costs of the place.
Soon bought the space and the new owner is renovating all the furniture of chef Ramsey.
I must admit I'm sad to see such a great place flooded, but this is New Orleans.
If there's one thing we don't need, it's a restaurant.
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