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MLM Compensation Pay Plans, How to Choose One - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-28
MLM Compensation Pay Plans, How to Choose One  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
More than 900 MLM companies have their own compensation plans, and one person may be frantically trying to analyze every company.
So I will show you how to review the compensation plan easily in order to find a compensation plan that is designed to maximize your success.
You'll hear tempting and fancy things like "we pay you in 43 different ways . . . . . . . “Power Pools”…. .
"Quick reward ". . . . . .
"Mandatory matrix ". . . . . . "Code bonus ". . . . . . .
This is where people are distracted from how to properly analyze compensation plans.
In online marketing, you do two things.
You will get some customers who buy your products or services and you will help others become business owners.
So we get paid for doing two simple things.
Therefore, the salary plan should be simple.
Here are the three main components that you should use to review the compensation plan.
• Commission for your disappointment
Keep in mind that your focus in online marketing is to repeat, with only a few customers coming together for everyone.
The main concept is that you don't need to get hundreds of customers.
Because you have only a few customers gathered on your own, your personal customers will not earn a lot of money.
However, the individual Commission should be sufficient so that people can get a check within a reasonable amount of time.
When people see a check, or even a check for $25 or $50, they believe the business is working.
If the personal commission in the sale is only a few pennies, then they will not see the check for a long time and people will resign when this happens.
Your Commission-
Here are the things you should pay attention to when looking down.
Is the percentage of Commission consistent?
Is the structure easy to explain or is it confusing?
Is the percentage too low or too high?
The average salary level of most MLM salary plans is about 8, and there is an option to get it through Unlimited salary levels, but now let's assume that there are 8 major levels for a plan.
Assuming you have to plan side by side, in the first plan, the percentage of the entire 8-level compensation plan is consistent at 5%.
In the second time, the percentage increased and decreased several times.
Level 1 2%, then jump to 15% at level 2, jump to 25% at level 2, then jump to 6% at level 3, then jump to 12% at level 4, then drop to 3%, and so on.
Let me ask you a question.
Which of these two compensation plans do you want to try to explain to the person you want to sign up?
First of course!
All successful business people understand a key concept.
I mentioned this in a few other articles.
"A confused person always says no or quit.
So you should find one.
Consistent line Commission plan.
Bonuses are an important part of any compensation plan.
First of all, they provide a way to recover your initial investment and get some extra money while you're investing in the long term
The remaining income establishment period.
In addition, they are the driving force to promote your business and the driving force to train and support your failuresline.
If a person gets a bonus in frustration
Line for sales, people will stay and continue to run the business.
Here are two key components that should be analyzed when looking at the bonus payment plan. A.
Make sure that bonuses are paid only when the product is sold.
Recruitment bonuses without product sales will be closed by state and federal agencies. B.
A structure that pays bonuses to multiple people from a transaction.
Like Commission, a good bonus plan allows you to take advantage of your efforts and get bonus compensation from your failureline.
If you and your men
Sales reps are taking bonus checks and going through the results of some revenue generation, and they are less likely to resign.
OK, Let's summarize this.
You want the design of all 3 blocks to be consistent and easy to explain because "confused people are always so unacceptable or give up ".
Make sure that the individual Commission is more than just the penny sold, and that the bonus should be spread across multiple people if possible.
To learn more about online marketing on topics like "How to choose a company," "How to choose a product," and "pay plan," find a master network connectivity program that can help you.
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