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Interesting Facts About Reef Triggerfish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Interesting Facts About Reef Triggerfish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Seriously good-
At the same time, triggerfish is an interesting group of marine creatures that look very baddwellers.
AnimalSake tells you all the information you need to know about their habitat, reproduction and diet.
The cheeky little monsters, those triggerfish, do you know that, as we all know, the male will keep the female partner's Liam?
They also hate intruders of any kind, whether they are other fish or human divers, who like to bite them in retaliation.
When it comes to biting people, their blue teeth and their blue lips are unique.
Unique, strange, and wild way, there are a few interesting facts that triggerfish is simple to entertain.
We have listed them here for you only. in short.
The name happens to be one of the longest words in Hawaiian (really, now? .
It is unique to the salt water Coast of various Central and South Pacific islands.
There is no doubt that it is the official fish of Hawaii.
Including humuhumu, about 40 different species of trigg fish inhabit our ocean.
Most of them were found in India.
They swim in the shallow waters around the reef and are easily discovered by snorkeling and scuba divers.
All kinds of triggerfish are very beautiful. They are oval-
Have the shape of the compressed structure.
You can see them in bright shades of blue, yellow, white, black and gray, and sometimes they have different marks on the lines and the shape of the dots.
Their colors are used as camouflage, taking into account the surrounding environment.
The size of Triggerfish is often different, but the biggest of them is the stone trigg found in the eastern Pacific Ocean from Mexico to Chile, which is known to be about 3 m long.
Since triggers belong to the Balistidae family, they are named after a set of thorns that are used to block predators or "lock" themselves into holes and cracks.
Once the danger fades, the system "unlocks" by holding down a smaller "trigger" spine ".
Their eating habits are also very strange.
Their diet includes crabs and worms, which Pat the pieces with their fins, while spewing water from their mouths to dig out of the sand.
They also become very aggressive, eating sea urchins with their sharp teeth and hard chins, flipping them over to bite on the belly of the relative spinefree.
Triggerfish can cause a lot of confusion when eating, so other fish (and, of course, keep a respectful distance) will also follow behind and enjoy their leftovers.
As we all know, the trigger is lonely, but it does look for a partner at some point.
The males of some species even retain the harem of potential partners.
Males also tend to build undersea nests for females to spawn tens of thousands.
Women share the responsibility of taking care of eggs before hatching.
They have a high mortality rate as they are a source of food for several big fish.
As they grow older, their chances of survival are also increasing.
As we all know, the good-looking of triggers can easily be fooled by them because they have a nasty character.
They are dominant, very territorial, and they tend to bite any creature they think is a threat, which is almost everything and everyone.
Thankfully, they're not biting life.
Threat or danger
Triggers are popular due to their appeal
Aquarium trade, including threatened species.
However, researchers are now trying to breed more trigg fish in captivity, so that wild trigg fish have a better chance of survival.
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