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Guppy Fish Diseases - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Guppy Fish Diseases  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Shark fin, tail rot, oral fungus, fish bladder and other fish diseases are various.
This may affect guppies.
This article is intended to provide detailed information about this. .
Their origins are due to parts of Trinidad and Guyana.
But now there are many countries.
This is peace.
Like fish, they like to live in their own communities because other species hurt them with long fins.
They come in a variety of colors and shades.
Lack of proper care can lead them to various diseases.
Fin rot or tail rot is a disease that occurs mainly due to bacterial infection.
Usually, the attack behavior of some fish in the aquarium can cause damage and damage to the fins and tails, which is indirectly beneficial to the growth of fungi.
The sign of bacterial infection is the disintegration and shredding of the fins, usually accompanied by light red marks/spots on the tail ends and fins.
The poor water quality in the fish tank is also a common cause.
The way to deal with tail rot or fin rot is to remove the fish from the fish tank and put it into other fish tanks with better water quality.
Antibiotics can also be used to treat shark fin rot.
Bleeding blood loss is a dangerous disease caused by specific kinds of bacteria that grow in the blood.
The disease is characterized by deep sores, ulcers and lesions on guppy's body, especially the tail and fins.
This may be due to a lack of fish care during transportation, such as rough handling, or an overcrowded aquarium.
If the fish is affected by this disease, then it is necessary to isolate it from other fish so that bacteria cannot infect other fish in the aquarium.
Because of the attack of fish in the aquarium, wounds and wounds usually occur.
Due to improper handling and care during network and transportation, fish may be injured.
Be extra careful when transporting live fish.
Fish lovers generally know that there is a way to be careful to ship fish from one place in the country to another.
For example, the fish must be placed in a plastic bag of 1.
The size is 5 to 2mm and the bag must be labeled with adhesive.
Fungal problems are common fish diseases.
Basically, weak guppies or injured guppies are more susceptible to fungal diseases in which people can see white spots on their fins.
Any damage to the skin/fins or the preservation of the fish in a very cold fish tank can lead to the development of the fungus on the body.
In addition to the body, cinnamon fish will also have fungal symptoms on the edge of the mouth.
The white layer near the edge of the mouth is a sign of fungal infection.
Another problem is the disease associated with swimming the bladder.
For example, in an aquarium, a fish may swim at a faster speed and at a specific angle than usual, thus showing unusual behavior.
Although the cause of the disease is not clear, it is believed that a crowded fish tank will make the fish feel uncomfortable, resulting in this behavior.
Another swim bladder infection that is more dangerous than the former is a serious viral infection.
Fish stop eating or eat less than normal and may develop cysts at the bottom of the swim/airbag.
These are some fish diseases that are harmful to the health of your fish.
It is absolutely necessary to adopt the appropriate care method so that you can treat your gupy easily and ensure its health.
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