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Flying Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Flying Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The word "flying fish" may seem contradictory at first, but the presence of these apparently abnormal creatures is one of nature's most fascinating miracles.
This animated article describes these amazing creatures.
Flying fish can stay in the air for more than half a minute!
Like almost all the non.
They developed about 65 million years ago, but there is evidence that there was an unrelated flying fish before modern times. .
Ironically, this makes it easier for them to become targets for predators on the surface of the sea, such as seabirds and humans.
But the reversal of this fate does not significantly hinder the advantage that fish gain from underwater predators.
The lying fish has a long and narrow body, and the body is very streamlined in order to reduce resistance.
Their eyes are very large relative to their bodies, both in water and in water, giving them good eyesight.
They never venture into deep water while under water because it negates their special abilities.
They swim very close to the water, and the fins are very close to the body.
When threatened, they pushed themselves to the water with their tail-
(Up to 70 m), once out of the water, glide over a distance of 50 m with wings
At the end of the flight, they can extend the flight time by folding their wings back into the water, or slapping the water again with their tail in the air.
They can jump to an amazing 6 m height and can glide for a maximum record duration of 45 seconds!
They can reach a speed of 30 mph when they rush out of the water, but slow down during the taxi because their tail can't push them through the air.
These belong, according to different definitions, contain 45-64 species.
Thrive in the warm waters of the world
They are mainly distributed in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, and have a considerable extension in the Pacific Ocean of Oceania.
As mentioned earlier, they mainly exist in the upper (upper) and shallow layers of the water body.
This will not only allow them to make the most of their unusual defense mechanisms, but will also maximize their chances of finding food they like.
And other algae, although some may eat small fish.
This puts them in the same aquatic ecosystem as small terrestrial herbivores.
Similarly, they are chased by a variety of marine predators, including dolphins and dolphins, tuna, squid, seabirds, sailfish, Marlins, and almost any other meat fish larger than them.
Caribbean, India--
All over Oceania.
Barbados has been nicknamed the "land of flying fish" and is highly rated for this animal.
It is a national animal of Barbados and enjoys an honor in Barbados cuisine.
Although it is no longer so rich around Barbados, it is still highly valued and very important in Barbados culture.
And flying fish.
With the exception of Barbados, flying fish is a precious seafood on the east coast of Asia, which is commercially fished from Japan to India. .
It is also an important food in Taiwan, especially on the island of orchids.
California flying fish is the largest flying fish.
It tops at 18 inch.
The length of most other types is about 8-12 inches.
Flying fish is not like adults.
The mouth side of the teen has a colorful look and a long beard.
Plants, often referred to as cornbeefwood, provide them with natural camouflage.
The eyes of the flying fish are quite large and flat relative to the size of the body.
This gives them a good vision to get in and out of the water.
Attracted by the light.
This feature is used in the Solomon Islands, where fishermen catch flying fish on dark nights, induce them to jump out with torches, and then catch them in the air.
Long thoracic fins (their pseudo fins)
Wings), they have an uneven split tail (tail fin ).
Here, the lower leaves are longer than the upper leaves.
Any species also has a slender pelvic fin (rear fin) and is therefore known as the four fins
Flying fish with wings
Without venturing out to the sea to discover these strange and wonderful creatures, any trip to the tropical and temperate coasts is incomplete!
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