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Facts About Guppy Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Facts About Guppy Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Fish live Fry, do not lay eggs.
They can survive in fresh water and salt water, making them truly unique species.
The fish is lovely and attractive.
Aggressive, fun, adds a lot of personality and color to any aquarium.
) Is a member of a species of fish that produces live fish without spawning.
Small in size, the fin is ray-like, is a freshwater fish.
Women are relatively less attractive than men.
The color of Guppies is exquisite, and it is a pleasure for people to watch.
Guppies were first discovered in Trinidad and later introduced to the world as a strange fish.
They are also used to control the spread of mosquitoes.
The reason is that these fish feed on mosquito larvae, thus significantly reducing the spread of malaria and dengue fever.
The Gabby people like to live in warm waters and in hot springs, canals and ponds.
They found the temperature was 23-
24 ℃ is conducive to breeding and breeding.
They will inhabit water bodies with fewer predators, more green vegetation, and more other smaller fish.
Guppies like to eat insects, algae and plankton (Animal shell and fish ).
If adapted to the environment, these fish can also survive in salt water, which is why many people include them in marine fish in fish tanks.
Guppies can also breed easily in salt water.
The gender difference in fish is very large, which makes the gender difference between male and female fish very large.
Although the male color is richer and slightly smaller, the female color is dim and larger.
Men reached maturity 2 months after birth, and women reached maturity in 3 months.
The male carries sperm in the SAC, which is flexible and used during mating.
This tubular fin is located behind the abdominal fin of the fish.
Near the anal cavity, a fertilized fish will have a visible point of enlargement and darkening of pregnancy.
This will be a sign for other men to avoid this particular female fish.
The pregnancy period of Guppies is 25-
Thirty days later, the live baby fish was born.
During pregnancy, the size of the larvae can be seen through the translucent skin of the fish.
Every woman can have 3-
It takes about an hour and sometimes more.
Surprisingly, the women were soon ready for their next conception after giving her the trash.
The reason is that female gilbi fish are able to store sperm for a few months so that they can breed without the need for males.
Small fish are born survivors and are fully capable of taking care of themselves.
In order to control the over-crowding of water sources, they must be placed in separate water tanks because larger guppies will eat the newborn.
Men sometimes attack women in childbirth, which is why pregnant women have to be placed in separate tanks.
However, women may die of loneliness if separated too early.
Guppies are prone to oral fungal infection and other diseases.
When bitten by other Melon skins and larger fish, they are infected in the wound.
Tail and fin-like rot caused by bacteria, bleeding blood caused by viruses infected with blood.
This causes an outbreak of sore and blisters and causes the fish to tear from the insideout.
Fish cannot live in a crowded fish tank, it will show their pressure by swimming high
The speed of motion is unstable.
These fish make the tanks look beautiful and most of them are not
Aggressive nature will enable them to coexist easily with other small and peaceful fish.
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