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eastern european porcelain dinnerware ...

by:Two Eight     2019-08-19
eastern european porcelain dinnerware ...
I'm sure you 'd like to know exactly what the price is for European hair wigs.
From the store to the store, you will find that the price has changed a lot --
From $300 to $10. 000 USD (! ).
So let me show you every step of the way to produce high quality handmade wigs and show the real cost.
First, buy hair.
Wig for hair (0,2 to 0, 4 kg) from $30 to $40 most Eastern European countries.
Nothing has changed, but an important additional cost is from high-quality wig-
Manufacturers who collect hair in a suitable and good environmentcontrolled way. The best wig-
Manufacturers do not use middlemen, visit hairdressers and take care of their hair in person.
They don't buy hair from wholesalers because wholesalers mix it because it's time --
Spend to get really good hair.
People only need to find a girl among the clients of the hairdresser who has beautiful, healthy hair and wants a haircut.
Hairdressers can provide free service for such a girl and pay for her hair
Obviously, both sides benefit from such a deal.
But this shows that, by its very nature, good
Good quality hair can't be a simple large size
Automatic processing of scale.
This explains why the price of getting high-quality hair has soared outside Eastern Europe --
Not because the hair itself is expensive, but because it is rare.
It's hard to imagine a big one.
Large and cheap purchases of high-quality people in European countries.
Second, take over the other materials used to make the wig.
These prices are not expensive, and the price of regular wigs is no more than $50.
These are the materials used to produce caps.
More and more wigs
Manufacturers are ready to buy now-
The so-called "single silk" made hats are becoming more and more popular, and the cost is not very high.
Third, work on the production of high-quality handmade wigs.
This is the main cost factor.
It will take at least a week for an experienced expert worker to make a handmade wig.
It takes a week of hard work and each hair is woven on the hat with a very small crochet --
Needle or stick together with special glue.
In the case of long hair, the production time may be two to three weeks. Reliable wig-
Manufacture of commercial double woven hair
Knot, which makes the building more durable but requires extra worktime.
Depending on the type of wig, the length of the hair and the type of hat, the labor costs range from $150 to $300.
Finally, you can't forget other typical business costs.
Amortization of investment, management costs, taxes, insurance, rent and profits.
In conclusion, the price of handmade human hair wigs made of European hair cannot be less than 500-
The shortest hair cost $600.
There is no cap, it only depends on how much the customer is willing to pay, but before you pay $1000 or more for your wig, keep in mind the real cost of making it.
Now is a real mystery.
Why in China where labor costs are much lower than in Poland, Russia or the Czech Republic, European wigs are not made in China?
The main reason is that there are not enough high-quality Europeans to make a profit.
It is possible to achieve large-scale production in China.
This is because wig
Manufacturers in Eastern European countries are buying all available hair for their own production. Surprising? -
But that's what happened.
That's why most of the wigs made in China are made from Asian hair or mixed hair and are everywhere in the wholesale market.
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