Professional Ceramic Tableware Sets Manufacturer And Wholesaler For Star Hotel & Restaurant Since 1998.

Ceramic Tableware Supplier: Tens of thousands of various, complete style products storage According to the sales date, Two Eight Ceramics arranges to produce the best-selling ceramic tableware to stock. There are various and complete products. Our staff carry on the storage orderly by the lists.

Ceramic Factory: Packing and Shipping Ceramic Factory: According to customer requirements, our experienced packers pack porcelain fast and orderly. As you see, each ceramic plate is separated by a layer of wrapping paper. The size of the outer box is all based on the size of the product and uses 5 ply carton. We strive to provide more secure packaging for our customers in details.

How to set a table---Two Eight Ceramic Provides You With Exquisite Dining Taste Hey,here,we will show you how to set a table by your own tablewares(ceramics+cultery+glassware). Hosen Two Eight Industrial Co.,Ltd is an integrated ceramic enterprises with advanced production technology and R&D. We are dedicated to providing one-stop purchase service for hundreds of star hotels with the best tablewares.

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