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Golden And White  Porcelain Fine Bone china Dinnerware With Embossed Rim - TD08
Fresh Style Color Porcelain Dinner Set With Light Golden Rim - TC11
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Decals/Fine china dinnerware set/porcelain dinnerware set with different pattern or gold/silvery trim is not only a dinnerware, but also a decoration to the food.

The material for this type of dinnerware is mostly high-quality bone china, with the content of bone ash up to 40%. It is all light and transparent. It is white enough as a piece of jade. When knocking the porcelain, it will produce a sound similar to the chime stone.

The exquisite embossed design makes the product more noble, luxurious and charming. Moreover, the perfect gold and silver trims add more highlights to the product, making it look more elegant and grace.

Due to our enhanced design, it can be applied in microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet and dish-washing machine. So there is no need to worry about the intactness of the product under high temperature. As the production of the raw materials for bone china is labor- intensive, we make sure that each process of the manufacturing is under strict control to deliver high quality product.

All of our fine china dinnerware can be used in star hotel, restaurant, banquet hall, buffet, coffee shop, bar, church, mall, leisure venues, casino, public area, etc.

Patterns are varied as well as can be customized.

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