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why do restaurants reuse dishes why do people drink coffee after dinner? | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-29
From around the 15 th century, niche drinks in the Horn of Africa have gradually become a ubiquitous dining culture.Worldwide, coffee is one of the most valuable items, and caffeine is the most common psychoactive substance.More than half of American adults drink at least one drink a day.
Whether it's a delicious beer filtered with professional equipment or a regular cupCoffee is still a common conclusion during dinner.In an era of tobacco consumption without restraint, serving coffee after dinner provides a tacit signal for guests to ignite cigarettes or cigars.At formal dinners, coffee is still served in separate lounges for men and women, usually accompanied by drinks such as cigars or cognac.
If smoking is not allowed or desired, coffee is still the right way to balance the palate after a particularly sweet dessert.In France, coffee is always served after dessert, not with dessert, and tasting in detail before asking for inspection.Coffee lovers think,Dinner robassta or Arabica beer is not so much an indulgence as a simple and healthy life.
Coffee is one of the only major sources of antioxidants in Western diets and is easier to absorb into the blood than other nutrients.Similarly, coffee increases the metabolic rate by 11%, improving fat burning after a big meal.There is also evidence that coffee promotes cognitive brain function, including alertness, by promoting the enhancement of neurotransmission.
After a hearty dinner, a quick coffee drink is the ideal way to fight laziness and lethargy.Many diners stay away from after-sales serviceThe reason for drinking coffee for dinner is that even the shortest dose can lead to indigestion, stomachache and even palpitations.The real culprit of these symptoms is often overeating foods that are too spicy or too rich.
Medical evidence suggests that having a cup of espresso after a meal can slow digestion and allow the body to break down a hearty meal better.In particular, caffeine slows down the transfer of food from the stomach to the duodenum and increases metabolism.Contrary to what is widely believed, coffee, while aggravating some people's heartburn, does not cause ulcers.
Italian or French restaurants usually offer a short espresso in a demitasse cup as their after-dinner serviceDinner coffee with a rich grilled flavor to complement a hearty dinner.While it is acceptable to add a little milk or cream (called macchiato), it is a faux pas to order a cappuccino after dinner.This foam, sparkling milk and coffee mixed chocolate powder is a morning drink in a strict sense;Purists don't drink milk after noon because people think it will get in the way of digestion.
Italians don't even drink after dinner, or even lunch
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