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low calorie dishes at mexican restaurant diabetes type 2 - mexican food. i hear i need to be careful.

by:Two Eight     2019-07-24
You just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.Does that mean people can't go to their favorite Mexican restaurant again?The answer is No.You can enjoy Mexican food here.Eat whatever you want.There must be a proviso, though.So you have to pay attention to what you eat and how much you eat.
Mexican restaurants serve foods with high carbohydrates.Pay attention to what you are eating.The basket of chips they brought to the table was where they began to use them carefully.Corn in tortillas contains high levels of carbohydrates.
The fat content of fried French fries is very high.Some salt or sodium is very high.What else do you need to see when eating in a Mexican restaurant?Rice is not your friend.They cooked many rice dishes with very delicate white rice.
Eating too much rice can easily raise blood sugar.Beans may be another red flag.Beans are a good source of healthy fat and fiber.Beans in Mexican restaurants may deliver your glucose to the same temperature.
Frozen beans increase fat and calories that are usually saturated.Frying will also destroy the value of the fiber.You taste the beans, but there is no nutritional value.
Tortillas or flour are not good either.
Both foods come from refined grains with low nutritional value and high carbohydrate content.What do you eat in a Mexican restaurant?French chicken is a good choice.You get a bunch of chicken and vegetables.
You can adjust the level of sour cream and cheese you add and the tortillas you eat with it.The shrimp fajitas is also a good choice.Soft Tacos for chicken or grilled fish are another option.Another option would be to order a taco salad and not eat a fried crust.
All of these options allow you to control the amount of rice, tacos and beans you eat.Part of the control is crucial for any restaurant.If you order the main course, consider asking for a box at the beginning of the meal.
Put half in the box and take it home.
You can enjoy your food and do not have to deal with the problem of a surge in glucose in the process.Getting a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes doesn't mean you have to stop eating the food you like.This is a problem of controlling the portion size and adjusting when eating.
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