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Interesting Facts About Zebrafish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Interesting Facts About Zebrafish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The Zebrafish is a tropical freshwater fish with some unique and interesting features.
Find out some amazing facts about zebrafish in this animal Post.
Or, the zebrafish is one of the few fish sent into space.
Zebrafish may be one of the most commonly used pattern organisms in genetic and developmental studies.
This tropical freshwater fish can be found in rivers in northern India, northern Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal.
Known for its unique regenerative ability and rapid embryo development. .
The fish is named for having five uniform and colored horizontal stripes on the side of the body that resemble zebra stripes.
The characteristic stripe of the Zebrafish fish is blue and extends from the gill cover to the end of the tail fin.
Let's learn some more interesting facts about zebrafish.
The Zebrafish fish are spinal, which means they have the same backbone as humans.
Their bodies are shuttle-shaped, compressed horizontally and decorated with five uniform horizontal blue lines.
The Zebrafish fish usually grows to 6. 4 cm.
But in captivity, it is rarely more than 4 cm long.
Male zebrafish fish keeps his body in shape by common torpedoshaped body.
It can be distinguished from women by the appearance of golden stripes between blue stripes.
On the other hand, the female zebrafish has a larger belly and a silver stripe between the blue stripes.
Adult female fish can also be identified by small genital nipples located in front of the anal fin.
Some adult zebrafish fish have tentacles or tentacles near their mouths, which are mainly used to find food in muddy waters.
These tentacles can be found in many other fish that live at the bottom of nutrition --
Abundant water bodies.
Zebrafish is sexually mature for about 3 to 4 months.
Female zebrafish can spawn every two to three days.
Each female produces hundreds of eggs.
Ovulation in women is believed to be caused by the release of steroid glucose peptides in men.
After ovulation, the female zebrafish releases a hormone that stimulates the male to mate and then spawn and spawn.
Women usually choose a gravel matrix to store eggs.
Lighting can enhance the spawning ability of the zebrafish fish.
That's why people often observe them spawning in the early morning.
The fertilized eggs of the Zebrafish fish become transparent and grow at an incredible rate, developing the pre-quality to all major organs within the first 36 hours of fertilization.
After 1 to 3 days, the incubation began, and about 36 hours after the incubation, the small fish began to look for food.
The embryos of the Zebrafish fish are considered ideal for scientific research mainly due to their transparency.
Transparent embryos can be closely observed and can easily monitor the stages of embryo development, especially the formation of internal organs.
Another interesting fact is that compared to the embryos of many other spinal animals, the embryos of the zebra fish are much smaller and contain a small number of cells.
This helps scientists monitor the behavior and development of individual cells.
Zebrafish is a omnivore and can eat anything smaller than them.
They are mainly fed by insects and insect larvae, plankton and plankton.
But without their favorite food, they can also eat worms and small shellfish.
There are several varieties of Zebrafish, such as dragon-finned, short-
There are fins, albinism, pink, stripes and spots.
In addition, the Zebrafish fish was modified to become several genetic variations of the same species, mainly for scientific research.
Small zebrafish fish can not only regenerate their fins, but also regenerate their hearts.
However, they cannot regenerate heart muscles from stem cells.
Instead, their mature heart muscles restore stem cells.
Like the state, new heart muscles are created.
The larvae of the Zebrafish can also regenerate the brain.
After the injury, the Zebrafish fish can also regenerate damaged photosensitive cells and retinal neurons.
In a study conducted by Australian scientists in 2012, it was observed that there was a special protein in the zebrafish fish vessel, called "the growth factor of the fiber ".
This particular protein ensures the healing of the spinal cord after injury without the formation of a nerve glue scar.
Compared to the usually studied mammals such as worms and insects, the zebra fish is considered a better scientific research model.
This preference is mainly due to the fact that the zebrafish fish is a spinal animal and is therefore more likely to have biological features similar to that of humans.
Zebrafish fish can survive in different environments.
They can be kept together in large quantities and are easy to breed.
The embryo development of Zebrafish is similar to that of higher spine animals, including humans.
This is why zebrafish has become a very popular and convenient research model in genetic and developmental studies.
Scientists believe they are also ideal tools for studying certain human congenital and genetic diseases.
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