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Bottom Feeder Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-01
Bottom Feeder Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
In addition to increasing the number of fish in the aquarium, raising fish at the bottom is also beneficial in other ways.
Learn more about such fish through this article.
When choosing the fish in the aquarium, various factors must be considered.
The fish tank must be balanced with top swimmers, intermediate swimmers, and fish from the bottom feeder.
Some fish like to stay near the water, while others choose the middle part, while the feeder at the bottom is mainly at the bottom of the water body.
As mentioned above, whether it's a lake, a river, an ocean or a simple aquarium, there are some fish that like to stay near the bottom of the water body.
The fish and other aquatic creatures are commonly referred to as the bottom feeder.
They can be seen in almost all natural bodies of water, the most common of which are crabs, crayfish, caterpillars, snails, starfish, shellfish, flat fish, eel, carp and sharks.
Although all fish and other aquatic creatures living at the bottom of the body of water are called bottom feeders, this term is usually used for these fish, which is found mainly in the aquarium.
While most of these fish feed with rotten organic matter located at the bottom of the water body, there are also species that consume only plant materials.
Some species are found to be meat-eating because they are fed with other fish and even other underlying feeders.
Another interesting feature of these fish is that most of them can bury themselves in the sand.
The features of snails, sea cucumbers, flat fish and stingray are more obvious.
Most of their abdomen is flat, so they can rest comfortably on the beach.
Flat fish, however, did not have a flat abdominal area and were found to rest on a flat side.
The mouth of most bottom feeders points down as they feed only from the base plate.
They use some special techniques to discard the sand that enters the body.
In some organisms, the sand is discharged through the bacterial cover before it is discharged, and in others, the sand is discharged through the body.
In the case of fish tanks, these fish can benefit in various ways.
First of all, they can give the tank a balanced look as other fish may stay more on the top and middle floors of the water.
Another benefit is that some of the rest of the food that sinks below the bottom and rot organic matter is food, while others prefer algae as food.
However, you must be careful when choosing one for your aquarium.
Pleco catfish is perfect for aquariums with aggressive fish as the armor of the former is good.
Besides, they also eat the rest of the food.
If you want to add some color to the bottom of the fish tank, then Clown loach will be the ideal choice. These peace-
Lovely fish with beautiful stripes are also good at cleaning fish tanks.
Crayfish is another kind of ground-fed fish that uses leftovers as its raw material.
However, they are aggressive and can hurt other small fish.
Although they consume algae, leftovers and rotten food, they also need food, such as algae wafers and shrimp balls.
When choosing these fish, you must even consider the size of the fish tank.
Catfish and lo fish are the most popular bottom-level fish.
Plecostomus is one of the common types in fish tanks.
The life of these fish is usually good and there are few health problems.
So, check out the list of fish provided by the supplier and select the fish that best suits your aquarium.
While choosing fish for your fish tank or aquarium, it is always wise to ask for expert advice.
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