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Angler Fish Habitat - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Angler Fish Habitat  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The habitat of anglers is mainly composed of the bottom of the deep sea, while some species live in shallow water.
This article lists some amazing facts about fishing fish and their way of life.
Angler fish, also known as angler fish, is a strange fish.
More than 15 families.
The exact number of families is still in dispute, with some families being 18 groups and others being 16 groups.
The name of the fishing fish refers to the fleshy growth of the head, which is used to lure prey.
This kind of predator is very similar to fishing, so it is named.
One of the most interesting fishing fish facts is that the male and female are fed differently.
The rod-like structure on the head, as a bait, is found only on the female.
Males do not show any of these features, they only survive for reproduction.
In addition to the strange way of feeding, fishing fish also inhabit the most unsuitable areas.
Fishing fish is probably the ugliest creature ever found.
They are gray or dark brown in color and have unique features that help them adapt to their habitat and surroundings.
Most fishing fish have a wide mouth extending along the entire front.
The chin is equipped with sharp teeth pointing inside.
The ability to expand the mouth and stomach enables these fish to swallow prey twice as large as their body.
This fish has different species at different depths.
Some are ocean-going and live on the high seas;
Other species are creatures living under the sea. The free-
The body of the swimming fish is compressed horizontally, while the fish at the bottom is compressed in the abdomen according to their habitat.
People living on the sea floor also have chest fins similar to hand accessories for walking in the ocean or under the sea.
So far, more than 200 fishing fish have been identified, most of which live in the Antarctic and Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 2-500 meters.
It is believed that the habitat of deep sea anglers fish is about 3,000 feet (914 m) below the surface of the water ).
This species adapts to the dark sea floor where the sun cannot reach.
In addition, the temperature of the water is close to freezing point.
Therefore, food is scarce in such depth, and these fish are not eaten every day.
Habitat in shallow waters; (e. g.
There are batfish in both shallow and deep waters ). family (e. g. family (e. g.
Living in deep water.
Since most fishing fish live in the deep sea, it is difficult for marine biologists to study their habitat, foraging, breeding and so on.
In order to keep camouflage in their habitat, fishing fish also have seaweed while looking for food --
Like the stripes on their head and body.
These incredible fish are classic examples of how life adapts to the deepest oceans, with fascinating features, regardless of whether the light and food in the habitat are scarce.
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